Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #47 – How to Get Yourself out of Bed and Do Stuff


Having a hard time doing what you have to?

Not disciplined enough to push yourself and fulfill the tasks on your I-Have-To-But-I-Really-Don’t-Wanna list?

Come up with a mantra.

Well, of sorts. A mantra is supposed to help you meditate and this is supposed to motivate you and kick your productivity onto gear.

But let’s call it a mantra.

It could be a popular saying or a quote from a favorite book/movie/song; doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your mantra should get you movin’. For example, when I have a hard time getting out of bed I tell myself “If you want something done, get off your butt and do it” while thinking of everything I want to/have to do that day. It’s really simple, but it’s the truth – no one else will do my tasks for me – and it does the job. My version for doing things throughout the day is “If you want it, work for it”.

It might take a while for the mantra – or several of them, for different situations – to start working; the important thing is to force yourself to act once you utter it. After a while, it becomes a reflex; you think about it and you do what you have to do.

Another tip for productivity/motivation is Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #44 – To Do List. And no, you don’t just put in it everything you have to do. Read on.


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