My Top 10 Tips for Writing More – Guest Post by Samantha Jayne Grubey

My Top 10 Tips for Writing More


by Samantha Jayne Grubey

Everyone I know always asks me how I write so much. People are always shocked about the quantity that I actually write. I once wrote 20k in a day, so my guest blog is tips for writing and how you yourselves could write that much. These tips will be what works for me and hopefully they could work for you too.


  1. Know your best time to write.

Do you write better in the evenings? The morning? Midday?

Once you know that it will become a lot easier to write. For me it’s at night, because I get less distracted. At that point I am in my room and there isn’t anyone in my house to keep me doing stuff.

  1. Make your goals flexible.

Don’t be too serious about sticking to the goal you have assigned yourself for that writing period.

I don’t give myself goals for that exact reason, I get too obsessed with whether I complete the goal or don’t. It doesn’t help me because I may produce loads of words but it doesn’t mean they are good words.

  1. Don’t look at writing like a chore.

It’s meant to be FUN. Have FUN. Don’t force it.

If you are starting to look at writing like it’s a chore, then I suggest you don’t write for a few days. If you are thinking and looking at it like it’s a chore, then it’s probably going to come off that your writing is chore and it won’t be that good.

  1. Never edit your first draft while still writing it.

For me this is the biggest mistake EVER. Don’t worry, I have done this mistake too. Let me tell you something: I have 30+ works on memory sticks that have never even had their whole first draft written and for me it’s because I started editing. It never become good to me so these 1st drafts were never written. Don’t make that mistake. (I feel like this doesn’t really apply if you post it on Wattpad.)

  1. Use your time wisely.

We all have lives, some of us may have a job, be at school, be at college, be at university, some of us may have a family, our own children or relatives who have children. We all have those lives so if you are one of those people who struggle with time, use it. This links into knowing your best time to write.

  1. Those babies are your friends.

I swear by my headphones; these are my world. When I am stuck or need to concentrate, every now and then I’ll listen to a book, but for the most part it’s music. There are times I’m actually sat there with headphones in and nothing is playing; I have done this many times. It just helps me focus a lot more as focus is a huge problem for me. But headphones are always a good help when writing.

  1. If you get stuck with writing – which can happen a lot – change what you use, say you write on word, write on Google docs or write on paper.

Sometimes it helps to change what you are writing on. When I get blocked, I change to paper. Although it’s annoying to type up later, when I’m writing on paper my mind just has word vomit and loads of words come out. The great thing about the paper is the fact you can choose what you actually put in your manuscript.

Writing sprints help. If you are competitive this is your way! You get a friend or any random other writing human and do sprints. You could do this on Twitter and Facebook. I am a full believer in writing sprints; they are so helpful when you just want to write as much as you can.

  1. Treat yourself.

When you’ve written say a page, treat yourself. Say I’ve written 500 words on a bad day; I will be like “I’m going to get a cheese string or something like that”. No matter the achievement, I reward myself. This is also a bad thing because it could become a distraction, so be careful of that.

  1. Writing friends.

Having friends who write is a big help. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Wattpad,, Movellas. You can literally find them anywhere and they can be the most helpful people you know. Not only will they be able to cheer you on and help you with work, they will hold you accountable for stuff. I don’t have many writing friends, but the ones I have are amazing and they really help, so get yourself some writing friends.

I know some of these tips might not apply to you; as writers we are all different and things work differently for us. Some of these may help you, some of them may not, but it’s just finding what works for you and these all work for me.

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5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Tips for Writing More – Guest Post by Samantha Jayne Grubey

  1. I’ve given some of these tips – know your best time to write, don’t edit while you write (about BIG edits; not proofreading), change what you write on, treat yourself – as well and for a good reason: they seem to work for a lot of people. Sam, should know; she writes phenomenal amounts.

    Thank you for sharing your advice, Sam!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great article, unfortunately I don’t have friends who write. So even when I send out to Facebook, I notice my views are getting less and less. I love and will use advice numbers 1-9. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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