Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #49 – Promises, Promises


When you say you’ll do something, try your hardest to do it.

Seriously, even if it is daunting task, put some effort in keeping your promise.

When you manage to update an online story or post on your blog on the date you said you would, you’ll build trust between you and your audience. After all, there are few things worse for an avid reader than holding your breath for the new chapter of your favorite story to come out, only to realize that it will come out, just not today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that. And you definitely don’t want to start a book that has “Updated each Friday” in the summary and find out – after you’ve read all the available content, of course – that the book hasn’t been updated for over a month.

And yes, I know you won’t always manage to post when you said you would.

Maybe a bunch of talkative relatives will show up on your doorstep on the day you are supposed to be writing. Maybe you’ll catch that bug that’s been going around for the past week and you’ll barely be able to get your butt out of bed to grab a new pack of tissues.

But try.

That way, when you don’t succeed in keeping your promise, at least won’t feel guilty. And you and your audience will also know that next time you’ll update when you promised, because that’s what you’ve done most of the time.

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