October To Be Read List (and Which Books I’m Reviewing This Month)


Since it’s October, you are probably expecting some spooky books on my To Be Read list. Well… Not only. There’s a book that kind of ties to Halloween, what with the main character being dead and all, but I have several ARCs to review this month and reading those will take some time. So barely any Halloween books.

You might be thinking “Okay, Dilyana, you said several ARCs; are we getting more that one book review this month?

Yep. You get not one, but THREE book reviews on four books in total. Since two of the books are in the same series and very similar in nature, I’ll write a joint review on them.

Here’s my upload schedule for the reviews:

  • October, 20 – Everything She Ever Wanted by Liz Durano (sneak peek available here and the review here) – a contemporary romance


  • October, 23 – Blood Hound & Burn Artist by James Osiris Baldwin – two very surreal books about mafia and magic (read the review here)


  • October, 30 – Sire by Jex Lane – a Fantasy story about the choice between fitting in and leading, and the desire to protect those you care for (read the review here)


  • October, 31 – What Boys Are Made Of by S. Hunter Nisbet – illegal fights, cartels and a guy with some conscience who tries to survive it all (read the review here)


Check them out if you are looking for something to add to your reading lists and don’t necessarily want it to be Halloween-related. And if you do insist on Halloween, check out these three funny books about witches and Grim Reapers that you can download from Amazon for FREE (at least for now).

As for the rest of my To Be Read list…

Last month, I started the first book in a series that is quickly becoming a favorite – Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. If you like weird and entertaining characters, magic and light humor, then you should read this series. It’s about a detective – a skeleton detective, who does magic – and his new partner – 12 y.o. Stephanie – who get mixed up in all sorts of magical trouble while trying to save the world. The books are aimed at teenagers, but trust me, an adult would enjoy them too.

So that’s the first book in my To Be Read list that I’m not reviewing this month: Skulduggery Pleasant.


The second is actually Book II in the series – Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire.

The third book on the list is one I’m not sure I’ll have the time for, but I’m adding it anyway – Must Love Ghosts by Ani Gonzales.


I don’t know much about it, but with the two books from James Osiris Baldwin and S. Hunter Nisbet’s What Boys Are Made Of being anything but light-hearted, I decided I wanted an easy-going read and Must Love Ghosts seems to be just that – easy-going, light-hearted, quirky, funny.

So that’s it for my To Read and To Review lists this month.

What about you?

What are you reading?

Anything Halloween-related on your list?

If you have any reading suggestions, put them in the comments; they’ll be much appreciated!

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