Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #51 – Your Characters and Their Environment


Don’t think only how the environment affects the characters, but also how they affect their environment. The characters influence their surroundings and we can use that to form a clearer image of things like their personality, tastes, needs, habits, professional occupation and relationship with other characters.

A character who likes order will have a tidy desk and an artist will possess all sorts of objects that don’t seem practical, but inspire them;  loving parents who are devoted to their offspring will have pictures of their child in every room of their house and kids drawings pinned to the fridge with magnets while a character who is a workaholic will have their own diplomas and photos with a CEO, a manager or an important investor  gracing their walls.

So, what does your characters’ surrounding tell us about them?

Want more tips on character surroundings and how to describe the environment?

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