What I Think about Everything She Ever Wanted by Liz Durano


Everything She Ever Wanted by Liz Durano

Genres: Romance, Fiction

WARNING: Mature Content


I was never into fairy tales.

But discovering a real live princess in my house reminds me of the story of the three bears and some chick who breaks into their pad, eats all their food, and sleeps in their beds.
Just like the one that’s in mine right now.

At first, I thought she was dead, but the rise and fall of her chest told me that she was just passed out, probably from the half-empty bottle of Bordeaux I’d been saving for a special occasion. Two grand down the drain, courtesy of Goldi-effing-locks here, who’s not only passed out cold, but she’s also naked.

I should walk out right now and let her be…

But I can’t. Not when there’s something else next to the Bordeaux, something that shouldn’t be here. And it’s sitting on top of a note that begins with the words…

“I’m sorry I failed you…”

What I think of the book:

When I read the sneak peek in September, I thought “Some romance, some naughty time… The writing style’s not bad… I’ll probably give this book a four out of five.”

I’m happy to say that Everything She Ever Wanted exceeded my expectations.

The writing style is casual, the plot is mostly what I like to call “comfortable” – familiar, nothing too suspenseful and nothing too clichéd – but with some heavy themes to differ it from the books I’d usually pick… And that’s what upped my rating for the book.

I was grabbed by how the first chapter started. I’ll warn you now: you’ll fear for the female lead even though you don’t know her yet. And that’s what I like in books – making me experience things along with the characters, making me feel for them.

Then I got to know the characters and I liked them; they are two everyday, relatable people. And even though this isn’t one of those suspenseful books that will have you on the edge of your seat, I found myself turning the pages and occasionally going through that “just one more chapter” phase when I don’t really read just one more.

The plot is simple, but entertaining, I enjoyed the characters – main and supporting, I enjoyed both points of view (Dax’s more; Harlow’s could’ve used less exclamation marks) and all in all had a good time with this book. If it was a person, I’d invite it to hang out sometime, preferably at the Pearl. You’ll find out what that is if you get the book.

Who I would recommend this book to? I’d recommend Everything She Ever Wanted to two groups of people.

The first group is those who are in a mood for experiencing the tingles one gets below the waist when they are starting something new with someone new.

The second is those who are going through a hard time. Might help you out seeing how someone else is coping.

My rating: pearl-148937_960_720pearl-148937_960_720pearl-148937_960_720pearl-148937_960_720pearl-148937_960_720_grey-2 (4.5 out of 5 pearls. Even though the Pearl, isn’t a pearl.)

Would I re-read this book? Yes.

Would I buy other books by this author? Yes.

Where can you buy the book?

A sneak peek (and the old cover) are available on my blog. Just click here.

Have you read Everything She Ever Wanted yet?

What did you think of it?

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