Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #52 – When Someone Tells You That You Are Wrong


If your work is out there, there will come a time when someone will tell you that you are wrong about something. It could be about a fact, a grammar mistake or a typo, or it could be that they think your opinion on something is wrong. The last of those is a complicated issue for another time, but we will address the rest here.

Let’s look at Wattpad‘s model for this tip: you post a chapter on that site and people can comment on it right away; what better way to get those “you misspelled ‘grammar’” and “you wrote ‘his’ instead of ‘hers’” comments?

I’ve gotten those and I’m grateful for them… Here’s why.

I’ve seen many writers get angry at such a comment or even readers who would reply to you with “So what if there’s an error? Stop bothering the writer.

Why? Why would you be like that?

The person who is commenting on the mistakes is only pointing them out so that the author of the story can improve. If everyone on Wattpad posted only “Love it“, “This is stupid” and “UPDATE!!!!” in the comments section, the authors won’t be getting any valuable feedback.

Why do you love the story?

What makes you think it’s stupid?

And why is it that this chapter has been up for months and only now has someone pointed out I wrote “waste” instead of “waist” (true story, by the way)?

Because the male lead wrapping his arms around his love interest’s waste is a very different thing than wrapping them around his love interest’s waist. So what did I do when the reader pointed that out?

I called myself an idiot (as always, I had proofread the chapter and yet I’d missed that), I edited the chapter and thanked my reader.

Just because someone is pointing out your mistakes, it doesn’t mean they are trying to bring you down.

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