Wattpad Tags by Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery/Thriller (+ General Tips on Tagging Your Stories)


If you are writing on Wattpad, you probably already know how tags can benefit your story; if not, here’s why you should use them.

The thing about the tags is that you have to use the right ones and that can get a bit tricky. That’s why I’m starting a new series – Wattpad Tags by Genre – which will be a list of useful tags for each of the genres available on Wattpad. Today we are going to cover Action, Adventure, Horror and Mystery/Thriller, but first, here are some general tips on tags:

  • use tags that are relevant to your story
  • don’t give spoilers in the tags
  • make sure you spell the tags correctly
  • tags are always one word so bad boy will appear as two tags – bad and boy; use badboy instead (this is the reason why I’m going to be merging a few words in this post – so they would be a single tag)
  • you don’t have to write # in front of the tags on Wattpad stories
  • when your story fits more than one genre, put one of the genres as a Category and the rest as tags; for example, if your story is a romantic crime thriller, you can categorize it as Mystery/Thriller and put romance and crime as tags
  • There’s no LGBT+ category on Wattpad, but if your story has LGBT+ characters, then tag it with one or more of these: LGBT, boyxboy, manxman, girlxgirl, womanxwoman, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer or anything else LGBT+ includes that is relevant to your story

Now, for the lists.


  • This one often goes with crime, so there’s your first tag.
  • Are your characters a part of a criminal organization? Then criminal, mafia and gang will come in handy.
  • Is your character an assassin?
  • Is he/she undercover?
  • Or maybe he/she is openly showing that they are a cop?
  • Action stories have high stakes. Is it a life or death situation? Life might not engage readers, but death Just don’t hype the readers for death, if no one actually dies in your story.
  • Action stories need their hero… Sometime a superhero with superpowers who will charge into a dangerous place and create suspense for the reader.


  • Adventure often include a journey.
  • And of course, there can’t be an adventure without a hero.
  • Since the hero is going on a journey, they have to have a reason or a goal: what is it? Do they want to rescue a princess? Are they fighting a dragon? Are they looking for an artifact or some magical item?
  • Is the rivalry with their adversary set in our world or a fantasy one?
  • The hero is often not a hero at first; they are the underdog who faces many challenges.
  • Just like in the Action stories, their mission could put them in danger.
  • Since your hero matures during their trials, you might be tempted to put mature as a tag; don’t. When people see mature, they will think that your story has mature themes like sex and drug abuse.
  • Is your hero a teenager or a youngadult? Teen and YA are also options.
  • Heroes often overcome hardship with the help of their friends; friendship is important to them. So is loyalty.


  • Horror stories are filled with dark themes that you can use as your tags.
  • Fear and suspense are key factors in them.
  • So are loneliness and isolation.
  • The characters are often trapped and feel helpless.
  • Sometimes the story begins with someone being kidnapped.
  • Or being stalked.
  • A cabin or the woods are popular places where your story can be set.
  • Horror stories can be realistic or supernatural. Are your characters being chased by an axemurderer or are they haunted by a serialkiller who was executed years ago?
  • Are the characters fighting for their survival? Yes, they are. Put it as a tag.
  • Not all (if any) of them will come on top; death will get at least some of them.


  • A Mystery/Thriller can incorporate action and even horror.
  • It’s very likely that it will revolve around crime and often around a detective. The police can also be involved.
  • Let’s not forget the badguys: mafia, gangs, assassins, murderers, serialkillers or maybe someone a little more benevolent like a thief.
  • I mean, a Thriller can get pretty heavy, but a mystery can be lighthearted. There are cozymysteries that are filled with humor and the investigation is often headed by a femalesleuth.
  • Then again, there is the femmefatale.
  • She can use her charm and spin lies, getting a leg up on the PI.
  • This Mystery will have less laughs and more suspense, along with a sense of danger.
  • We can once again find the characters in a life or death

As you can see, some tags are appropriate for more than one genre. That is why I’ve tried to group similar genres in each list. I’m continuing the Wattpad Tags by Genre series next month. Expect:

If you have any questions or would like to suggest some tags, write me a comment; if you found this post useful please Like and share it!

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