Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #54 – Blog Tips


Some of you probably write not only books, but also blog posts. After all, having a blog is a good way to find a new audience. Before they someone actually reads your post, they notice the site it is on. With that in mind, I decided to give you not one, but five tiny tips on what to avoid on your blog so you wouldn’t put people off it.

  1. Misleading your audience.

Just like the cover for your book should fit the theme of your book, so should your blog. If you are writing dark and twisted horror stories and you want to put them on your site, a cheerful pink is not the best color for your blog’s header or background.

  1. Wrong colors.

Speaking of colors: bright ones tire the eyes quicker; if you use them, people would leave your blog sooner if they bother to stay at all.

  1. Unreadable text.

Make sure the font is readable (some fancy fonts make it almost impossible to differentiate between O and Q or C and G) and that the text color doesn’t blend in with the background color.

  1. Too many things going on.

A blog with a menu on two and one on each side, a bunch of pop-ups and plug-ins a plenty is too crowded. Opt for a cleaner image that won’t confuse and overwhelm your visitors. It would be easier to navigate your site that way.

  1. Can’t find a thing.

When people come to your blog, they are looking for something. Don’t make it hard for them to find it. Add/enable a Search option.

Those were five things that could put off your readers before they even start reading.

Do you know of any other?

What makes you flinch when you come upon a new site?

Feel free to share in the comments!

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