Wattpad Tags by Genre: ChickLit, Romance, Fanfiction, Teen Fiction and Humor


It’s time for another post on tags. Today we are going to cover ChickLit, Romance, Fanfiction, Teen Fiction and Humor. Before we jump in with how to tag your stories, let me remind you that a tag is a single word so sometimes you’ll have to merge two words to form one tag.


  • ChickLits have a femaleprotagonist at the centre of their story.
  • Most books in the genre are set in a contemporary world, but there are also some historical ones; which is yours? Use it as a tag.
  • The books are often funny and lighthearted.
  • They talk about issues of femalefriendship and relationships.
  • The heroine is often single at the beginning of the book, but she would fall in love at some point.
  • Since romance is a common theme, add it to the tags. As for tags for the Romance genre…


  • Love, obviously.
  • Is it a cleanromance?
  • Or is it naughty?
  • Does it have sex?
  • Maybe it’s raunchy or erotic? (A reminder if it is and you are uploading it to Wattpad: don’t forget to rate the story as Mature)
  • Do the characters have a lovehate relationship?
  • Is it about several relationships?
  • Are the two main characters a pair of starcrossed lovers?
  • Or maybe your book is about more than two people; maybe there’s a threesome?
  • Or maybe there is a lovetriangle?
  • Is it a story about secrets and lovers and cheaters and heartbreak? Mind you, if that is the case and you want the heartbreak to be a plot twist/surprise, you should omit it from the tags.

And maybe, just maybe, your book is about a fictional romance with a real celebrity. Well, if you are writing that and you are presenting it on Wattpad, then you should categorize it as Fanfiction, not Romance.

Don’t worry; I have some handy tags for that too.


  • The first and foremost tag that you should give the story is the name of the celebrity it’s about. If it’s about a band, then tag it as the name of the band and its members. Remember that like with all other tags the two names of the person will appear as two tags unless you write them as one word. For example: One Direction would be onedirection (don’t worry about capital letters) and Harry Potter would be harrypotter.
  • Fanfiction stories are often about fangirls/fanboys getting together with their idols so words like fangirl, fanboy, romance, romantic, love and dating are good choices for your stories.
  • Celebrity or celebrities is also something you could use.
  • Did your MC meet their object(s) of affection during a concert?
  • Did they meet backstage?
  • Was the band/musician on a tour?
  • Or maybe it wasn’t a musician, but several moviestars?
  • Did they meet in Hollywood? It’s famous enough to be looked up as a tag; don’t use the name of some obscure village or a town you made up though.

Teen Fiction

Fanfiction is often aimed at (and on Wattpad written by) teens so the next genre we are going to look at is Teen Fiction.

  • Teenage or teenagers are obviously the first things that come to mind.
  • Of course, you can make it a teenageprotagonist.
  • Badboy is a very popular tag.
  • So are goodgirl and badgirl. Weirdly enough, goodboy doesn’t seem to interest people as much…
  • So back to the bad boys and their bikes.
  • They, of course, like to party and hookup.
  • Sometimes the stories include smoking, drinking and drugs.
  • And fights; don’t forget the fighting.
  • When your teens aren’t getting in trouble, they’ll be forced to go to highschool.
  • Although they can find trouble there as well and maybe they’ll get detention.
  • The characters could be the cheerleader, the jock, the nerd, the geek, the newkid. Or the newboy or newgirl, if you want to be more specific.
  • Sometimes the stories are about the forbidden teacherstudent
  • Sometimes they are about teenagepregnancy.
  • Often they are about romance, love and friendship.
  • After all, the world will be a lonely place without bestfriends.
  • You know, best friends that your MC is having fun In fact, your story might turn out so funny that you’d categorize it as Humor…


  • Yes, funny. That’s one.
  • Or maybe hilarious.
  • Maybe the main characters are playing pranks on each other.
  • Maybe there’s some sort of a challenge or a bet
  • The characters can go through some amazing adventure where everything goes wrong in a giggle-inducing way.
  • And, of course, the characters in your humor story don’t need to be teenagers. Kids and adults can get involved in some pretty laughable situations too.

Don’t forget that you can always put one of your categories as a category and the rest as tags. For example, your humorous romantic Fanfic story can be categorized as Fanfiction and have humor and romance as tags.

If you want other tag ideas, check out Wattpad Tags by Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery/Thriller (+ General Tips on Tagging Your Stories).

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If you have any questions or would like to suggest some tags, write me a comment; if you found this post useful please Like and share it!

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