Wattpad Story Generator


Wattpad’s birthday is right around the corner and we are getting a treat!

To celebrate 10 years of stories, they’ve launched a story generator. I’ve already used it, the results were hilarious and I strongly recommend you try it for yourselves; it’s really simple.

Click here, then on the Let’s Party! button. After that fill in some adjectives where it says Adjective, a color where it says Color, a fictional character or celebrity where it says Fictional Character or Celebrity… You get my drift. Once you are done, click Submit and the generator will create your story.

Best part?

You can have it on Wattpad!

You don’t even have to worry about copy-pasting it or anything; just hit Publish To Wattpad and the generator will publish your story as a draft right along the rest of your work. It will even have a cover, a blurb and some tags. You can, of course, change these things if you want. I kept the cover though; it looks good with the others on my profile.


If you want to read what I ended up with, click here. If you are using the generator and want me to read your story, leave me a comment on mine; I’d love to see how your story turned out!

And if you know any other funny/interesting story generators, feel free to leave a link to them in the comments of this blog post.

8 thoughts on “Wattpad Story Generator

  1. Hi. Can you read my story? It is a filipino-action story. Titled; Never Wake The Demon by urevilx. It’s still not complete but I hope you’ll read it.


    1. Hey! When I said in this post I’d read a story, I meant one created with the generator. As I say on my Wattpad profile, I no longer take read requests (I used to get several a week and simply don’t have time to check out so much cotent). Also, I can’t read Filipino.


  2. Hello, I would really like it if you could read my book. My name is Beth aka Steffy and my book is Adopted into a famous life


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