What I Think about Her Dangerous Visions by Brandon Barr


Her Dangerous Visions – Book I of the Song of the Worlds saga

Genre: Fantasy


On the world of Loam, an ancient evil threatens to conquer the portals that exist on every world, and only a timid young woman named Winter is given the power to destroy it. Gifted as a Seer by the gods, Winter must first escape the cruel farmland she was raised on, even if it could spell death for those she loves.

On the world of Hearth, Nightmares crawl out of the East to devour entire villages. A fire-blooded heiress named Meluscia seeks to destroy the threat plaguing her lands and become Luminess of the Blue Mountain Realm. Though she desires the throne, her heart is divided. Forbidden intimacy tempts her at every corner. Can she save her kingdom, or will all of Hearth be brought to its knees at the feet of a primordial Beast?

What I think of the book:

What I think is that I should’ve started the series sooner.

I expected a more fast-paced story, but even without heaps of action in every chapter, Her Dangerous Visions managed to keep my interest with each page I turned on my Kindle app.

We are introduced to quite a few characters, each different from the others, and yet we could feel the connections between them. Even with all the secrets they harbor, the characters have somehow managed to build relationships with each other. That is one of the things I enjoyed in the book – the interactions between the people in it.


Something else that I liked was the Sci-Fi notes mixed in the story. There’s a lot of Fantasy in Her Dangerous Visions with myths about Gods and Seers and all, but there are also the portals and star travel. It’s a very pleasant mix that got me thinking about the legends of my own world and how science had proved that a myth is indeed just a myth. It’s fun reading about characters who go through some of the same “But if there really is a higher power, how come…” musing that we do.

The book also brings up some other topics to pounder on or be outraged at. There’s war on more than one front, politics and intrigues, loyalty and betrayal, and treating your subjects no better than slaves. These things might sound like one big mess, but Brandon Barr’s writing makes them easier to follow than you’d think.

Something I felt this story lacked was a map. With so many places to visit, it would’ve been nice to have a visual of where each land and town, and village, and forest were. Besides, I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy Fantasy maps.

Who I would recommend this book to? I’d recommend Her Dangerous Visions to people who wish to embark on an emotional journey to distant, magical worlds.

My rating: butterfly-310351_960_720 butterfly-310351_960_720 butterfly-310351_960_720 butterfly-310351_960_720 butterfly-310351_960_720 (5 out of 5 blue butterflies)

Would I re-read this book? Probably.

Would I buy other books in this series or by this author? I already have all three books, plus a prequel novella (Ella Dethroned). I’m hoping the author will write something else in the Song of the Worlds universe and if he does, then I’d like to have it.

Where can you buy the book?

  • amazon.com (link takes you straight to the book)
  • amazon.com (link takes you to a three-book bundle with the Song of the Worlds saga that will save you money)


Have you read Her Dangerous Visions?

What did you think of it?

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