7 Things I’ve Heard in the Bookstore I Worked At


Clients sometimes ask silly questions. I know I have and I’m guessing you have done so at least once in your life too. Here are seven… Let’s call them interesting things I’ve heard from clients in the bookstore:

  1. “How much does the 20 cents pen cost?”
    With the Bulgarian equivalent of cents anyway.
  2. “I’m looking for a Fantasy book. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, the title or the author, but it had a girl on the cover; do you have it?”
    Yeah… I’m going to need a little bit more than that.
  3. “I’m looking for a Math textbook for 5th grade. I don’t know the author or the publishing house, but it has the number 5 on the cover.”
    Well, at least they aren’t looking for a Fantasy book with a girl on the cover.
  4. “I’m not going to buy this notebook. It’s not purple enough.”
    Said about a bright purple notebook with a small bright orange butterfly and a single, thin violet stripe on the cover.
  5. “I’m here to buy lemonade.”
    Again, we are at a book store.
  6. “I don’t read Star Wars as it gives aliens a bad name. I’m very jealous of your generation because you’ll be able to shake hands with aliens.”
    Just two sentences of the client’s fifteen or so minute monologue about aliens in which he somehow managed to include Russian machine guns.

And my personal favorite, that I and the other book store workers hear quite often:

  1. “Do you sell books here?”

What are the oddest things you’ve been asked or you’ve asked?

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