Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #59 – Your Writing Environment


Before you sit down to write, you must consider where you are and what might disperse your concentration and then get rid of the distractions. And I don’t just mean turn the TV off (unless background noise helps you), tell people not to call you during the time you’ve set aside for writing or take the pet out of the room; after all, it’s impossible to write with a purring fur ball on your keyboard. There are other things in your environment that might steal your focus away from your work.

Scented candles or air fresheners?

That might fight the bad odors in your house, but if they smell like vanilla, pudding or a cocoa, you just might take a trip to the fridge once… Twice… Keep going to the fridge when you should be writing.

A nice, relaxing fountain in your garden?

Sure, it might be relaxing, but the running water might prompt you to do your own run.. To the bathroom.

Bottom line: see what distracts you and get rid of it.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #59 – Your Writing Environment

  1. I admit I used to be guilty of watching something — youtube, films, etc. — whilst writing ‘at the same time’. End result is I end up watching it all without any writing xD I do like to re-watch old videos that are along the same vein as what I’m writing to get into the atmosphere and draw inspiration, though. And scary music for scary scenes 🙂

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    1. I don’t watch clips while I write, but I used to be in a room with the TV on while replying to comments. A few times I alsmost posted a comment about the movie/commercial instead of a reply to a reader.

      Yep. Watching videos for inspiration or research helps. One of my favorite researches: hot men. You know, for inspiration for characters 😉

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