Artist Interview with Kelsa

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed my picture on my blog, Wattpad and social media. Today I’ll introduce you to the guy who created the adorable chibi.

Q1:  Hello, Kelsa! How are you today?

Hello! I’m great, thanks!

from left to right: Riley and Rhys from You Are the Answer/We Are the Answer, me!

Q2: You’ve made me these adorable chibis. Thank you so much! I love them. Tell us when did you start drawing and why chibis?

I’ve been drawing the traditional way since I was a kid, but my journey in digital art started in 2014. Chibi is my main drawing style because I love children and their imagination and the chibi style is very related to it. One of my dreams is to illustrate a children’s book. I also think that this kind of art is really heart-warming and makes people smile.

Q3: Do you draw in any other styles?

Yes! I started from semi-realism, used to be an oil painter, but now my drawings are mostly in Anime and Chibi styles.

Q4: You have a gallery on DeviantArt; is that the only place where people can see your work?

Yes, so far DeviantArt is the only place for me to share my drawings.

Q5: When you drew me, Rhys and Riley, I had to commission you; tell the readers how they can do that, if they are interested in your work.

If you guys want to commissioning me, you can go to my Fiverr profile or directly go to my DeviantArt commission journal.

Q6: Any drawing advice for our readers? Something inspirational or a useful technique/program they can take advantage of?

Practice and practice, draw a lot, start from a reference, and don’t forget to learn the basics.

Q7: Once again, thank you for the chibis and also for the interview!

You’re welcome, and my pleasure!


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