Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #61 – Taking Breaks


Yes, this is important. I know I advised you before to get rid of distractions and have everything you need beforehand, but those are so you’d avoid interruptions, that’s to say unscheduled, unwanted breaks.

Scheduled breaks on the other hand are more than welcome; they are necessary.

Whether you take a break every thirty minutes or every 1K words is up to you; see what works for you and add it to your writing schedule.

One of the things I like to do during a break is get up and walk. I might only go to the other room, stretch and look out the window or I might go out in the garden, try not to trip on the cat, say hi to the dogs and check out which flowers are about to bloom.

The timing and the duration of the breaks as well as what you do during them is something you could experiment with. Like I said before: see what works for you and do it.

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