What I Think About Reunited by Kate Smith


Reunited – Book I of The Hamilton Series

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


“Don’t do this! I’ve put it all behind me, and now you’re here, like a bad nightmare, bringing it all up again!”
Being a successful Physician, and the sole son of high profile prosecutor may seem like a charmed existence, but life for Dr. Aiden Hamilton has never been easy. Plagued by regrets, he struggles to atone for his mistakes.
Savannah Phillips has always felt a piece was missing from her life. Devastated by the tragic loss of her mother, she longs to find the couple who gave her away on the day she was born.
A unexpected encounter sets these two individuals on a path that will change both of their worlds forever.
Life is full of unexpected moments…
Sometimes fate intervenes…
A story about a second chance that changes everything…

What I think of the book:

It’s time for the first short review of the year and it’s on the ARC of Reunited by Kate Smith.

The story about giving up your child for adoption only to meet her years later is not what I’d usually read so it was interesting to peruse a plot I’d consider new.

Kate’s writing style is simple so it was easy to follow what was going on in the story. I’d personally prefer if she’d added a few more details to some of the heavier scenes. However, she got the confusion right.

Okay, let me explain, because I think I may have confused you with my statement about the confusion.

When Savannah – or Vanna, as friends and family call her – and Aiden (one of my favorite names, by the way) realize they might be related, they don’t know how to act. And could you blame them?

They’ve been separated for fifteen years and they meet under very unlikely circumstances; all odds were that they’d never find each other. So, naturally, they were confused and you can see that in their odd behavior, especially in Savanna’s.

Speaking of her: got to love a girl who carries a notebook around.

I’m so glad the author gave her hobbies and dreams, and goals; it would’ve been so easy to forget to put work into this character and only concentrate on Aiden and his side of the story.

Or it could’ve been the other way around: a well-developed Savannah and a dull Aiden. Instead we also get to read about his dreams, his troubled relationship with his family and how he was forced to part with his daughter.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend Reunited to people in a mood for some not far-fetched family drama with a hint of Romance.

My rating: clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 (4 out of 5 patient charts)

Would I re-read this book? I’ll probably have to go through it again if I get the other books in the series.

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