Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #64 – Your Characters Night & Day


The title of this tip might be a bit cryptic, but yeah, we are talking about characters today and more specifically getting to know your characters. One way is to sit down and just write what they do each day. This could be descriptive and detailed or a simple timetable:

6:30 – Character gets up, brushes their teeth and gets breakfast on the way to school;

7:15 – Character meets up with friends in the school yard and they head inside;

7:30 – Classes start and the character diligently takes notes…

And so on.

This way, not only will you know their routine, but you just wrote that they value their hygiene (brushing teeth), have friends so they are not a loner and that they take notes so they are a good student.

Now, things would be different on the weekend than they would be during the school/work week.

The character might get up later, deal with their homework or answer work-related emails to get them out of the way and then dedicate their time to their hobby.

This is why I suggest that instead of just one day, you write about their whole week or at least write about one school/work day and one day off.

For more tips on characters:


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