Freebie Friday – 3 FREE LGBT Fiction Books


A certain series I’m reading has put me in the mood for LGBT fiction, so that’s what I’m sharing with you today: free LGBT books.


Title: It’s Not My Favorite

Series & Book Number: The Lake Effect Series, Book 1

Author: Rue

Genre: Lesbian Fiction

Amazon Rating: 4 stars


What do you do when part of you loves your parents, but a more insistent piece screams for freedom and independence?

Gwenn and Rachel Hutchinson are suffering from arrested development and religious guilt. They’ve kept too many secrets for far too long. Something’s gotta give.

Gwenn buries herself in her work–organizing client’s lives to forget about her own lonely, loveless chaos.

Rachel lives life out loud–baking love into everything she touches. Her rock star girlfriend Annie is just edgy enough to be a secret worth keeping.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for love. These sisters will have to confront their fears and break free of the family chains, or risk their dreams slipping away forever.

You can get the book here:


Title: Bound

Author: Amelia Bishop

Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance

WARNING: Mature Content

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars


“Bound” is the story of Adrian, a man who finds himself wheelchair bound, and thinks that his life is over. Until he meets Nate, and learns to love again.

You can get the book here:


Title: Sixty Five Hours

Author: N.R. Walker

Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance

Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars


Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley are advertising executives who have Sixty Five Hours to pull together the campaign of their careers.

Sixty Five Hours to get along. Sixty Five Hours to not kill each other. Sixty Five Hours to fall in love.

You can get the book here:

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Have you already read any of these books and if so, what did you think of them?

If not, which are you getting?

Enjoy your new free reads!

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