Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #65 – Get Organized


Something simple that most of you are probably already using, but comes quite in handy so I’ll mention it in case you are not: get yourself a yearly updates calendar.

I have one pinned to my corkboard and it helps me know when, where and what I’m supposed to be posting.

Bonus subtip: use different colors for the calendar.

For me, blog posts are in pale blue, Wattpad updates are in orange and my weekly newsletter is in black. Anything else I might come upon and is writing/reading related (a book release party, a seminar, etc.) is in dark blue. You can look for a calendar online or, like me, you can make one. It’s not difficult, but it was time-consuming, that’s why I’m adding the empty version of my calendar (just the dates; no events in it) to my FREEBIES section so you can download it and fill it in.

Whether you keep the calendar on your computer or print it out is up to you.

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