My To Read & To Review in February Lists


Remember my 7 Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2017 post?

I had Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui in it and told you to keep your fingers crossed that I actually get the book on time. Well, over two weeks after I was supposed to hold it in my hands and jump around like a overdosed on sugary concession sweets kid, I still don’t have it. Been to the post office, but nope, they can’t find it. So now I’m just praying to get it at all. If I do, and it’s during this month, then that is what I’ll be reading offline.

As for online: the Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition III has started and with half a dozen (give or take) interesting and informative new posts a day, I don’t really have much time to read anything else.

Well, with the exception of the two books I plan to review, of course.

The first is 13 Ways to Midnight by Rue Volley.

Silhouette woman walking out from the woods

Genres: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy


You’ll never miss the sunlight until it’s gone.

Sixteen-year-old Echo Navarri, daughter of world-famous archaeologists, Alice and Peter Navarri, had spent her life traveling from one expedition to the next as her parent’s unearthed lost civilizations.

On their thirteenth dig, Midnight, Echo’s twin sister, disappears without a trace. This prompts a year-long search that leaves the family nearly broken.

In an attempt to find some closure, they reluctantly host a mock funeral for Midnight without ever recovering her remains.

Nearing the one year anniversary of Midnight’s assumed death, Echo is sent to live with her eccentric Aunt Luna who is the caretaker of the centuries old Navarri Estate in Port Royal, Maine.

Echo attempts to settle into her new life in Port Royal, but soon finds that she’s destined for adventure as the mystery of her family’s history, the sunless town, and it’s oddly intriguing people teeter on the supernatural.

Review date: February 6th

The second review will be on the second book in the Hamilton series by Kate Smith – Forgiveness.


Genre: Contemporary


“Don’t. Please… I can’t do this again. My heart can’t take it and being around you is too difficult. We can’t do this!”

Dr. Aiden Hamilton has experience another complete reversal in his life. He picks up the pieces, vowing to keep the promises he’s made, no matter how big the challenges facing him.

Dr. Emily Anderson has her own set of issues, including her inability to forget a certain man who has stolen her heart. However, the constant interference of his ex, and his family creates havoc in their relationship.

This is their journey toward healing, toward forgiveness and the acceptance of where they are meant to be.

Read my review here.

You can read my review on Book IReunited, here.

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