What I Think about Forgiveness by Kate Smith


ForgivenessBook II of the Hamilton Series

Genre: Contemporary


“Don’t. Please… I can’t do this again. My heart can’t take it and being around you is too difficult. We can’t do this!”

Dr. Aiden Hamilton has experience another complete reversal in his life. He picks up the pieces, vowing to keep the promises he’s made, no matter how big the challenges facing him.

Dr. Emily Anderson has her own set of issues, including her inability to forget a certain man who has stolen her heart. However, the constant interference of his ex, and his family creates havoc in their relationship.

This is their journey toward healing, toward forgiveness and the acceptance of where they are meant to be.

What I think of the book:

Forgiveness in the second book in Kate Smith’s Hamilton series and the sequel to Reunited. It takes off where the first book ended and follows the same characters.

The two books are very similar with the biggest difference being that Forgiveness has more romantic elements than its predecessor.

In my review of Reunited, I talked about Vanna and Aiden; now that I’m reviewing Forgiveness, I’d like to mention what I think is the weakest aspect in this book, which is also something I noticed in Book I: the dialogue.

Something about it is off.

I wasn’t really sure what it was when I was perusing the first book, but I think I’ve managed to pinpoint my issue with it now: it’s simplified – probably for the sake of the readers keeping up – but it comes off as too simplified and a bit unnatural. The things the characters talk about are things you’ll hear between real people, but the delivery makes them sound as characters instead.

That is my biggest issue with both books.

When there’s no dialogue, reading goes along more smoothly and I’m more engaged; when there’s dialogue, I find myself going over it quickly so I can reach a dialogue-free part again.

The version of Forgiveness that I’m reviewing is an ARC and with more than a month until the book’s release day – March 27th, there’s still time for the author to make some small changes. Even if she doesn’t, this is still a book you might enjoy. However, you have to read Reunited first or you wouldn’t know what’s going on.

Who I would recommend this book to? If you enjoyed Reunited, then you’ll definitely enjoy Forgiveness as both books follow the same people and have the same vibe, and I even think the writing has improved a bit in Book II.

My rating: clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 clipboard-1719736_960_720_130x180 (4 out of 5 patient charts)

Where can you buy/preorder the book?

  • amazon.com (link takes you straight to the book)

The release date is set for March 27th.

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  • ReunitedBook I of the Hamilton series

Want to know about the author? Check out the interview she gave me!

Have you read Reunited?

What did you think of it?

Are you looking forward to Forgiveness?

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