Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #70 – Writers & Twitter


There are a lot of ways twitter can help you improve your writing, gather an audience for your books and get you in touch with other writers. Today’s tip covers the first and last of those. It’s simple, really: take part in Twitter writer chats.

What are Twitter writer chats?

They are an online gathering of people who discuss writing over Twitter. Each writer group/community gathers at the same time on a particular day and uses a special hashtag. When it’s time for the chat, you just write the hashtag in the search bar, click Enter, then LATEST and – ta-da! – now you can see the chat. Whether you take part in it as an observer and only read other people’s tweets or you’d like a more active approach and participate in the discussions is up to you.

But how do you find the hashtags for these chats?

Well, one way is to do a Google search, but here are a few you might be interested in:

  • Mondays, 8 PM EST#Wattpad4
  • Tuesday, 5:30 PM EST#17Scribes
  • Tuesday, 8 PM EST#Wattpadres
  • Wednesday, 8 PM EST#WPSparks
  • Wednesday, 9 PM EST#StorySocial

Happy tweeting!

Do you know of any other Twitter chats that might be of interest to writers?

Help out other writers by sharing the hashtags and when the chats are held in the comments!

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