Announcing March Into My World March


Remember last year’s Share the Stage September?

Well, it’s time for another month of featuring guest blog posts. Welcome to March Into My World March!

Yes, I tried to be punny by using “march” as a verb and as the month… Anyhow…

Prepare yourselves for tips, tips and more tips. This month my guests will cover not only writing, but also something new for my blog – preparing for a book launch.

All post from this event will be available in the Guest Posts section of my blog, along with the ones from Share the Stage September. And yes, some of those new posts will be written by people who took part in Share the Stage September.

But, Dilyana, are you posting anything you’ve written this month?

Of course!

In between guest posts, there will be a few of my own, such as two book reviews and two author interviews (more on that this Sunday in My March To Review List post). Since you’ll be getting tips from other writers, there will be no Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips in March; I’m pausing the series until next month. Expect TTWT#71 on April 4th.

Have a lovely March!

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