What I Think about Broken by Jex Lane

Broken - Beautiful Monsters Vol. 3 by Jex Lane

Broken – Beautiful Monsters, Book III

Genres: Fantasy, LGBT Literature, vampires, incubis, demons, war

WARNING: Mature Content


Vampire. Incubus. Demigod. Weapon.

 Matthew has many names, but none as distressing as pet. A slave to incubus High King Malarath, Matthew is tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of losing those he loves. Tired of the torture. And, in his despair, his body begins to decay around him.

The High King, angered that his pet is dying, brings in the one person who might be able to fix Matthew: High Lord General Tarrick.

While all trust Matthew had in the general is gone, maybe there is hope in the situation. All Matthew needs to do is start acting like an incubus and put on a show.

What I think about the book:

I received an ARC of this book and just like when I received the ARC to Sire (Book II in the series), I was jumping for joy because I’d gotten addicted to Beautiful Monsters since Book I – Captive. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to read Broken and share my thoughts about it with you, thus this review. It will be difficult to explain my emotions without giving you spoilers, but I’ll try. To explain my emotions, that is; as usual, this will be a spoiler-free review.

Two things come to mind when I think about Broken: “loved it” and “this is very emotionally difficult to read”. You might say that those are two conflicting notions, but I believe the reason why I loved it is… Well, okay, there are several reasons such as the characters I’ve grown fond of, and the world, and creatures in it, but also because it was such a challenging and thought-provoking book.

Once again, new obstacles are set before Matthew, each very personal, some concerning his well-being and some his love life. Now, while I enjoyed having the Lord General back and reading his intimate interactions with our favorite incubus-turned-vampire, those weren’t the thought-provoking scenes. They were enjoyable  – extremely enjoyable indeed – but not thought-provoking.

What this book got me thinking about more often than not was loyalty.

What happens when in order to stay loyal to others, you have to betray yourself?

Could you live like that and for how long?

And if you couldn’t live like that, then what?

You’d have to betray the people you care about and live with the guilt – not a very pleasant option either, is it?

Matthew is not the only one to be burdened by this hurdle in Broken and since I love so many of the characters in this book, my heart broke with theirs when people finally made their choice about who to stay with and who to let go of.

After all, it’s hard to take sides when you love people on both sides. No matter who you decide to support, the other party will feel betrayed and if you support no one, both parties will feel that way.

This is one of the reasons I called Broken emotionally difficult or more precisely – emotionally challenging.

Another was a questionable (by human, not incubi standards anyway) scene about a third in the book that made me feel uncomfortable. One could argue that it showed us something about the character of a pair of twins and added to Matthew’s emotional state and I suppose I can’t disagree with that. There’s one more scene later in the book that might provoke the same feeling in other readers, but although it was disturbing, it was also necessary. In short, be prepared for some heavy themes in Broken as Matthew is used and forced – even more so than in the previous two books – to do things against his will and better judgment.

Who would I recommend this book to? Obviously, I’d recommend Broken to those who enjoyed the other books in the series. Yes, this is heavier than Captive and Sire, but it’s the good kind of heavy that challenges the readers and keeps them on the edge of their seats. It’s one of those books you’d want to clear out your schedule for, because you wouldn’t be able to resist turning the pages to find out what comes next.

And I’d recommend the whole series, including a spin-off novella – Pearl and the Dread King; I’ll be reviewing that soon – to a mature readership that enjoys exploring a world similar to ours and filled with seductive and frightening creatures, powerful warriors, love, lust, ambition and one extraordinary man’s desire to protect those he cares for.

My rating: Broken by Jex Lane - ruby Broken by Jex Lane - ruby Broken by Jex Lane - ruby Broken by Jex Lane - ruby Broken by Jex Lane - ruby (5 out of 5 rubies)

Would I reread this book? Yes. Most definitely yes.

Do I want other books in this series or any other books by this author? Yes to both, although for now Jex Lane only has this series. I’m sure I’ll enjoy everything she writes though.

Where can you buy the book:

  • amazon.com (link takes you straight to the book)

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