The Shimmer Of Phantoms – Guest Post by Anne Marie Andrus

Author Anne Marie Andrus

Has it ever happened to you?

You’re alone, minding your own business, deeply lost in thought—until a stranger steals your attention. Maybe he holds a door open or stops to pick up the glove you dropped. Perhaps her allure leaps off the silver screen or masquerades behind a microphone, but the instant you make eye contact, a magnificent new soul commands your world. In the winter of 2009, the blinding power of new love found me in the pages of a novel—the one I was about to write.

Monsters & Angels was born during a blizzard, under the watch of a darkened chandelier. Every cut crystal mirrored a sliver of roaring fire—the room’s only light. Long nights, harsh winds, bone-chilling cold, and relentless gloom usually force me under a quilt to hibernate until spring. I never dreamed those bleak months were an untapped treasure-trove of energy.

What began as a short, paranormal story scribbled on scrap paper turned into an epic vampire tale, set against the backdrop of 1930’s New Orleans. Sometimes I forget how exhausting it is to write and edit, and then edit again and again. But, I’ll always remember the rush of being swept away by characters who didn’t exist until the moment they stepped out of the smoke and took the stage.

Looking back, the story of leading lady Sorcha Alden had been lurking in mind forever. Only days after graduating from nursing school in New York City, Sorcha suffers a tragic personal loss. Her journey of self-discovery and drive to honor her family’s heritage takes her on a railroad adventure across America, on a voyage over the Pacific Ocean and through the brutal jungles of Nepal. She stumbles into the brilliance of young love one night and the path of a cursed killer soon after. Sorcha’s unplanned future is graced with friends, family and the counsel of a charismatic mentor. She’ll need every one of them to survive the cutthroat underworld of New Orleans.

While part of my inspiration is a lifetime of night-shift experience in a busy hospital, the rest is my obsession with everything New Orleans. One whiff of my favorite candle carries me back to stained glass windows, dangling shutters and the elegant disrepair of the French Quarter. My memory strolls alleys lined with crooked doorways, as haunting footsteps echo next to mine through that magical labyrinth where phantoms roam….

A doomed commander, blessed with the heart of a savior,

A blood slave, hiding her exotic appetite,

A perfect prince, arrogant and viciously flawed,

A gifted healer, born to be a killer,

A legendary warrior, crippled by jealousy,

A second son, unwilling to be held hostage,

A brilliant politician, searching for courage to love,

A city behind walls, glittering and moody, ravaged and reborn,

And a fledgling nurse with the soul of an angel, carrying a spirit fierce enough to make them all family.

So, I’m writing this blog post on the eve of another blizzard, waiting for the first snowflake to fall. The vibe is a little different than what I imagine I’ll write in the summer with the October release date for Monsters & Angels approaching, Halloween on the horizon, and the decadent Crescent City devilry about to awaken.

What mysteries will be revealed during this storm, ignited by the powerful peace that reigns in the dead of night?

I want to thank Dilyana for inviting me to contribute to CatMint5’s World! I’m new to Wattpad, but I’m looking forward to posting chapters from Monsters & Angels. I’m also working on a prequel novella, a bit of lagniappe, for anyone who finds themselves falling in love with a new cast of characters.

To join the Monsters & Angels society visit:

Read part of Monsters & Angels on Wattpad and look forward to The Vampire Raimond prequel novella to be posted there as well!

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