Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #72 – Where Was Your Story Headed

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #72 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Where Was Your Story Headed

It’s easy to forget where you were going with a story – especially if you can’t write every day and/or work on more than one project at a time – so here’s a tip to help with that: once you are done with a chapter, create a new file with questions and notes about the next chapter. It doesn’t have to be a big file; just a few pointers would do. For example:

– How does Ellie react to John helping her brother in the previous chapter? Would that change the way she sees John? Yes, Ellie would now trust him.

– Ellie and John are overheard by Matt who tells Thomas about their conversation. Thomas decides it’s time to find something to use against John before John convinces Ellie to help him.

– Matt and Thomas meet at Thomas’ house, because he lives alone and no one will bother them there.

– What could Thomas use against John? Come up with something compromising and fitting with John’s background.


All you’ll have to do when you sit down to write the next chapter is to answer your questions, expand those answers, edit to get that emotional impact you are going for (click here for a tip to help you switch between moods in your writing) and you’ve got the draft for your new chapter ready!

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