To My Amazing Readers: Thank You, A Declaration & A Promise

To My Amazing Readers - Thank You, A Declaration & A Promise by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on Wattpad)

Hey, kittens!

To those of you who’ve celebrated Easter last Sunday: I hope you had a good time!

For me, that was one of the several occasions on which my family and I get together in April, the others being my name day and upcoming birthday.

But today I won’t be talking about celebrations. Today, I will be talking about me, my writing and the amazing readers I have here and on Wattpad.

To all of you who have supported me by voting and commenting on my stories, and by sharing my blog posts, I say thank you, thank you so much!

Thank you for the feedback, thank you for the moral support, thank you for the get well wishes when I say that I’m sick! I don’t think that I would’ve continued writing after those first few chapters I posted on Wattpad if it wasn’t for you, or if I did, I would’ve kept my stories to myself and I would’ve never dreamt that one day someone might actually pay to read something I wrote.

But now I have that dream. Now I want to publish a book that will not only make readers think “Okay, that was worth its money”, but enchant them, let them escape their reality or help them solve real life problems. Maybe even spark their creativity the way the books I’ve read have sparked mine?

I would be honored if what I’ve created could inspire someone, be they a writer or an artist.

So today I’m making a declaration and a promise to myself: from now on, I’m going to take my writing seriously. I’m going to stop doubting every word I type and stop thinking “I will never be as good as them” when I read someone else’s work. Instead, I’m going to hone my craft. I’m going to dedicate more time to studying and improving it. I have the desire to do that, I have the will – or at least the obstinacy – and I’m starting to save up so I could have the funds. If you wish to help me with the last of those, please consider supporting me on Patreon, even if it’s just with a single dollar. If you can’t spare that, then I’m still grateful for everything else you’ve done for me so far. You’ve given me confidence and a goal, a direction in my life, and I’ll never forget that.

I’m not good at talking about my insecurities and doubts so this has been difficult to write and share, but I thought you deserved to know just how amazing you all are and how much my life has changed thanks to your kindness and encouragement.

Once again: thank you for being here for me!

With love and gratitude,


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