Brief Author Interview with Lana Sky (Crescendo, Drain Me)

Lana Sky - Writer. Dreamer. Believer.

Lana Sky. Writer. Dreamer. Believer.

Q1: Hi! How are you today?

I’m feeling great!

Q2: Tell us about yourself and how you started writing.

I’m Nikki, a.k.a. Lana Sky.  I’ve been on Wattpad for five years (will be six in May).  I started seriously writing when I was 12 and haven’t looked back since.

Q3: How did you find the site?

I come to Wattpad from another writing site called Fictionpress.

Q4: Any big writing achievements that you are proud of on or off Wattpad?

I’m proud of every single reader who’s finished one of my stories.

Q5: What is your current/latest Wattpad project?

I have a few at the moment, including the Beautiful Monsters series.

Q6: What do you plan to write next?

Too many to name.

Q7: Do you write only for an adult audience? Why/why not?

I write both YA (young adult) and Adult stories.  I love the limitations and advantages of both.  With YA you can focus a lot more on narrative voice and the internal struggle and growl of one of more characters. With my adult novels, I can play with way more mature themes, and the focus on growth becomes more about how two completely different people might have to overcome their differences to function in a relationship.

Q8: Introduce us to one of your books for adults.

One of my mature stories is Crescendo, a dark mafia tale about love, lust and revenge.


Credit: Trailer made by Alice Willoughby

Q9: If you could give other authors one piece of advice, be it about writing, editing, promoting or increasing their audience, what would it be?

It would be to NEVER write something that you think people will want to read.  Ever.  Write something that scares you, that excites you and that pushes you to delve deeper out of your comfort zone.  Strive for the stories that you aren’t sure you can tell and make yourself tell them.  Never settle for what’s easy or “popular.” Write what inspires you, and you can’t go wrong.

Q10: Can you recommend another Wattpad author with interesting Mature stories?

Lydia161290! I love His To Keep, and we both collabed on a dark, sexy BDSM series called Club Triple X, along with the amazing KellyLM (a.k.a. HeathenWench).

Club Triple X by Kelly Louise (HeathenWench on Wattpad), Lana Sky (Lana_sky on Wattpad), Lydia Goodfellow (Lydia161290 on Wattpad)

Q11: Where else can people find you?

You can find me on Wattpad and Radish under the username @Lana_sky.  As well as on Facebook and Twitter under lanasky and lanasky101.

Q12: Thank you for doing this interview!

Thank you for asking!

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