What I Think about Pearl and the Dread King by Jex Lane

Pearl and the Dread King by Jex Lane

Pearl and the Dread King by Jex Lane

Genres: Paranormal Romance, vampire, succubus

WARNING: Mature Content


For thousands of years, vampires and incubi have been at war, fighting over territory, wealth, and hunting grounds.

Unable to help himself, Titus abducts a beautiful succubus. Around her, he feels alive for the first time in centuries and he will do whatever it takes to keep her.

Prynne wakes up to find herself held prisoner by an incredibly sexy vampire lord. But she can’t allow herself to be drawn to him—love between the two species is impossible… forbidden.

What I think of the book:

Before I start my review of this short story, let me point out that while it takes place in Jex Lane’s world of Beautiful Monsters, it can be read as a standalone and by people who haven’t read the novels as Pearl and the Dread King follows an entirely new set of characters and gives no spoilers for the books.

With that said…

As much as I miss Matthew, General Tarrick and Hiroto (especially Hiroto, and yeah, I know he is not a main character, but he is a favorite of mine), I was introduced to someone who could turn into another favorite if I saw more of him: Titus, a.k.a. the Dread King. I doubt Jex Lane would keep a powerful warrior like him out of the incubi/vampire war and I can’t wait to see him on the battlefield, fighting alongside with Matthew. At least that’s the side I expect him to pick.

In this short story though, we don’t see him fight, we see him in another kind of action.

The adult kind.

The LGBT aspect that’s been present in the three novels that are out so far (Captive, Sire and Broken) is replaced with a straight relationship, unless you count the very last scene which I wouldn’t because it’s vague (it makes sense in the story why the scene is like this, but I can’t tell you without a spoiler) and we don’t know whether Titus took any part in the naughty time or if he just had dinner.

The other main character – Prynne (or as Titus calls her – Pearl), left less of an impression on me because apart from being gorgeous by human standards, she is pretty much an everyday girl. Relatable, but with nothing special to set her aside so far, apart from being a more down-to-earth person than your average succubus (female incubus). Mind you, this is Titus’ impression and his view of the incubi people is rather warped due to the fighting between their species. Still, I agree with him that Pearl isn’t stuck-up and am also curious to what her involvement in the war would be, because, like in the case with Titus, I think Jex Lane has plans to put this character into later novels.

Now, if you want to get the short story solely as an intro into the Beautiful Monsters world, as a means to decide whether you want to buy the novels: don’t do that; you’d better use the Send a free sample option for Captive on Amazon.

While the novels and the short story are set in the same world so you’ll get a feel of it along with the author’s writing style, the focus of Pearl and the Dread King is very different from that of the novels. With the short story, you’d only take a tiny, tiny glimpse into this world and it’s from the POV of two people who are supposed to be enemies, but feel attracted to each other. There are barely any other characters and these two are focused on whether they should have a relationship, and if so – what kind.

The novels on the other hand are more… Well, epic is the word that comes to mind.

Not as in Lord of the Rings epic, but even though there’s sex and romance in the novels, that’s just one aspect of a book series about with self discovery, war, politics, betrayal, love, loss, hope, despair, and so, so many other things. The novels are a lot bigger and more complicated than Pearl and the Dread King and not just about whether two characters will end up in bed and if they they’d stay together afterwards.

So if you get Pearl and the Dread King judge the writing style, judge the little you see of the world, but don’t expect the novels to be like the short story.

Who would I recommend this short story to? I’d recommend Pearl and the Dread King to people who are already fans of the Beautiful Monsters series and to everyone who hasn’t read them, but is in the mood for a sexy straight naughty time.

My rating: pearl-148937_960_720 pearl-148937_960_720 pearl-148937_960_720 pearl-148937_960_720 pearl-148937_960_720 (5 out of 5 pearls)

Would I re-read this story? I might.

Do I want other books in this series or by this author? Yes! Everything Beautiful Monsters-related.

Where can you get the book?

Unlike other books that I’ve reviewed, you can’t buy Pearl and the Dread King; you can only get it for free if you subscribe to Jex Lane’s newsletter. You can do so at the bottom of this page.

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Have you read any of the Beautiful Monsters books?

What did you think of them?

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