@ParanormalLovers Short Story Contest on Wattpad – ENDED

Hey, kittens!

As some (if not most) of you know, I’m a Wattpad Ambassador. The Ambassadors are volunteers who help the people from Wattpad HQ and sometimes that includes creating ambassador-run profiles, dedicated to a specific genre, sub-genre or theme.

Paranormal Romance Contests by @ParanormalLovers on Wattpad

Well, one such profile that I help out at is the @ParanormalLovers profile which deals with all things Paranormal and Romance and this month we are organizing a short story contest.


♥ A shout-out from @ParanormalLovers and @ParanormalCommunity (nearly 90K combined followers)

♥ A spot on the @ParanormalLovers brand new Contest Winners reading list

♥ A gorgeous sticker to show off with

♥ A slot in the @ParanormalLovers Interview Book


Write a Paranormal Romance story set in a work of classical fiction (Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, The Great Gatsby, etc.)

WORD COUNT: 1 500 – 3 000 words

DUE DATE: May 31, 11:59 PM EST

For more info, including HOW TO ENTER, click here.

Have fun and good luck, kittens!

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