What I Think about the SNOW Anthology

SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love Poster

SNOW – Stories of Forbidden Love

Authors: Kelly Anne Blount, Gabriela Cabezut, Megan DeVos, Rachel Meinke, Noelle N., M.C. Roman, Delilah Mae, Gavin Hetherington, Shaun Allan, Lindsey E. Lippincott, Lucy Rhodes, R. Diamond, Sarah Benson, J.M. Butler, Debra Goelz and Neilani Alejandrino

Genres: YA, NA, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal


One cabin. Sixteen stories of forbidden love.

With an online audience of over one million combined followers, and hundreds of millions of reads on their stories, the SNOW anthology showcases talented Wattpad authors from around the globe.

Journey into the woods where you will discover a cabin surrounded by snow, filled with secrets…

The SNOW anthology features sixteen original novellas and novelettes in multiple genres, including Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural and Paranormal.

Don’t wait for the snow to melt before you uncover these stories of love, loss, and self-discovery.

Stories included:

Back to Us by M. C. Roman

Whiteout by Sarah Benson

Tobacco & Pine by Lucy Rhodes

Red Snow by Debra Goelz

Fawn by Gavin Hetherington

Seeing Him Again by Delilah Mae

Of A Feather by Lindsey E. Lippincott

Through the Paintings Dimly by J. M. Butler

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Meinke

Limbo by Noelle N.

Crash by Megan DeVos

Snowed In by Kelly Anne Blount

Unexpected Love by Gabriela Cabezut

Wings by Shaun Allan

Sober by R. Diamond

True Love’s Kiss by Neilani Alejandrino

What I think of the anthology:

It’s the first time I’m reviewing an anthology so I wasn’t sure how to approach this review.

I was going to share with you what I think of SNOW as a whole, and then tell you half a dozen sentences about each individual story, but with sixteen stories plus what I think of the anthology, this review would’ve turned out quite long and you know I try to keep them short and to the point.

So, in the end, I’m just going to talk about the general impression I got from SNOW – Stories of Forbidden Love.

I can understand why so many of these authors are part of the Wattpad Stars program and why they have such a big following.

While I read, I encountered a lot of diverse writing styles, setting in which the stories took place (who knew you could do so many things with a cabin?), topics and moods, and each of them had its charm.

At times I thought “Well, this piece is good for when you want something casual and interesting, but not too engaging” and at times I was so captivated that I kept reading even though I should’ve been sleeping (yes, I know it’s an unhealthy habit of mine to go into bed with a good book and that I should really stop that); at times I knew where a story was heading, at times I had no clue, and at times it turned out I thought I knew, but nope, the author took the story in a completely different direction.

This presented a little bit of a challenge for me when it come to writing this review.

If this was a collection of stories of just one author, I’d probably say pretty much the same about each piece and tell you which I liked most and least.

With such diversity in SNOW it’s difficult to do that.

If you want slow pace, you’ll find it; if you want fast pace, you’ll find it.

If you don’t want to risk getting your feelings hurt by reading a story that you know won’t have a happy ending: there are stories in which you know from the start that the characters will end up together; if you want to be surprised – well, I already mentioned that some stories surprised me, so you’ll get that too.

There are stories that lean more towards Contemporary Romance, there are others that, romantic elements and all, are more about suspense, or the development of the main character as an individual and not just a partner in a relationship.

There’s a story for pretty much any mood you could be looking for.

I think the best way to describe starting to read a story from the SNOW anthology would be to compare it to eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – you take a leap of faith and you never know what you’d get. The only difference is that none of these stories will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Who I would recommend this anthology to?

Well, obviously, I’d recommend SNOW – Stories of Forbidden Love to the huge following of these amazing authors.

Secondly, with so many different writing styles, settings and characters, I’d say “Go for it!” to everyone who enjoys reading in the Romance genre.

My rating: The stories vary between four and five so I’m giving SNOW SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love - snowflake 1 SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love - snowflake 1 SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love - snowflake 1 SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love - snowflake 1 SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love - snowflake 2 (4.5 out of 5 snowflakes)

Would I re-read this book? Yes, in portions (one story at a time, depending on what mood I am in).

Where can you buy the book?

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Interviews with SNOW authors:

Have you read the SNOW anthology?

What did you think of it?

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