One Year of Being an Ambassador – Wattpad Goodies

Hey, kittens!

As you probably know, I’m a Wattpad Ambassador. For those of you who don’t know what that is: the Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who help Wattpad HQ for free and often serve as a link between HQ and the community.

I’ve been at this “job” (again, a volunteer) for a little over an year and the awesome people from HQ sent me and the rest of the team who joined at the same time a package with a few Wattpad goodies.

Today, I’m going to show you what they are.

I apologize about the quality of the pictures, but they were taken with my phone and I had to make them smaller because of the limited storage space on my blog.

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - All

The above is a shot of all of them, before I unpacked the t-shirt. It was the only thing I knew they’d be sending out because they asked me for my size. I said M and it came in an M, but I guess Canadians have a different measurement system, because it looks like an L and that’s after I washed it and it shrunk a bit. It’s still pretty nice, even though it’s not what I was expecting. I thought it would be orange with the Wattpad logo at the front. Instead, it’s green and the front is, well…

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - The Heart of the Community T-shirt - front

I just love this!

It says The Heart of the Community (referring to the Ambassadors serving as a bridge between the other wattpadders and HQ) and the letters form a heart!

I think it’s very cute and clever, and even though the t-shirt is a little bit big for me, it’s already one of my favorites. I like big shirts anyway.

Also, it does have the Wattpad logo in a small font at the back:

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - The Heart of the Community T-shirt - back

Next, we have this:

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - Handkerchief

It’s a little box that I first wasn’t sure how to open (I thought the white and orange parts were supposed to detach from each other) and inside it there’s a silvery grey handkerchief, one of those that are used to wipe your glasses with. As someone who wears glasses constantly, this comes at handy. At first I was wondering why the handkerchief would be this color and not orange, but then I realized the color was the same as that of the pen:

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - pen with Wattpad logo

The pen writes in black, which is good because I only had one black pen and I like to color-code my notes and To Do lists and, with my luck, I probably would’ve run out of black in the middle of the night (I usually write in the evening and at night). Now I have a spare black pen.

It also has that soft tip at the other (non-writing) end that you can use to type on your phone without leaving fingerprints. I tried it and I don’t know what it is about this one, but my phone reacts to it way better than with a similar pen I already had.

Lastly, we have something in orange… ‘Cause Wattpad.

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - earbuds in a box with the Wattpad logo

It’s earbuds and they come with their very own, Wattpad-branded case and with two spare rubbers so if I don’t want them to be all orange, I can have the ends in black or white.

I haven’t used earbuds in this shape, but I like the case so I’m thinking of putting in the ones that came with my phone. I’m not sure if they’ll fit because the plastic part that connects the two wires that go into the left and right earbuds is larger, but I’m hoping it will work out, even though I like the case I’m currently using (a round blue one with Taz, the Tasmanian Devil).

Okay, so these were the goodies Wattpad sent me to celebrate my first year as their Ambassador, but before I go, I’d like to show you what they sent to my email after six months as a volunteer for them:

Wattpad Ambassador Goodies - Six Months Certificate

I keep telling myself that I should print this out, but I keep forgetting. Once I do have it printed, I’m planning to frame it and put it on my desk. I haven’t actually framed any of my academic certificates (I had pretty good grades so the school gave me an achievements certificate at the end of each year and I have one for winning third place in a regional (or was it national?) contest), but I AM going to have this one framed and I’m actually thinking of making the frame myself.

Have a lovely weekend, kittens!

PS: Are any of you (or have any of you been) Wattpad Ambassadors?

I’d love to hear what you got for your first year so if you want to share that or some stories from your time as an Ambassador, comment here or PM me on Wattpad.

October 3, 2018 Edit: Curious what’s in the Year Two swag pack? Check out this post!

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