Short Writing Prompt – May 2017

Short Writing Prompt - May 2017

Hey, kittens!

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a writing prompt for you here (I’m responsible for the bimonthly writing prompts over at Wattpad’s @ParanormalLovers) so I decided to give you one today.

It’s short and lacking details so you can come up with them on your own. Here it is:

Thou shant lay with your best friend’s younger sibling is an unwritten law I’ve been struggling to obey ever since I met my best mate’s little brother/sister.

Too short?

Well, sometimes that works best.

Actually, I’ve already made up a story using this (even though it’s only one of those “practice stories” as I like to call them, that I narrate in my head to prepare for when I’m writing) and I’m sure you’ll come up with your own ways to incorporate this in your work.

Here are some questions to help you out, in case you need a little nudge:

  • How big is the age gap between the characters and does that matter to the story?
  • Is this story going to be about a same-sex couple and would that change anything (for example, one or both of the characters aren’t out, the character the line belongs to doesn’t know if the other character is gay, etc.)?
  • How long has this crush/attraction been going on? Has the narrator been battling their feelings for years or have the characters only just met?
  • Is it purely sexual or does the narrator have real feelings for the other character?
  • What happens that pushes the narrator to finally act on their feelings/desires?
  • Is it the other character that takes the first step?
  • Are the narrator’s feelings/desires reciprocated?
  • The narrator and/or their crush have expressed their feelings for each other; how do the dynamics change between:

– the narrator and their crush

– the narrator and their best friend

– the narrator’s crush and best friend?

Enjoy writing with this prompt!

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