Wattys 2017 Announcement

The Watty Awards - Wattys 2017

Hello, boys and girls!

Guess what… Oh, wait! I kind of gave it away with the title of this post: the Wattys are back!

Yep. The official writing contest hosted by Wattpad and on wattpad.com is on. Well, sort of. The submissions don’t open until June 15, but that’s less than a week away.

Who can enter the Wattys?

Anyone with a Wattpad account and whose stories follow this criteria:

– stories must be your own intellectual property

– stories that don’t go against Wattpad’s Content Guidelines (so no pornography, glorifying abuse, etc.)

– ongoing stories that have a minimum of five (5) chapters published since September 1, 2016 or completed stories with all chapters published since September 1, 2016

– stories can be any genre

– stories can be any rating

– stories must be fully available on Wattpad (no excerpts from a story published elsewhere)

– stories must be tagged #Wattys2017

So, if your stories – yes, you can enter more than one – are eligible, tag them #Wattys2017 after June 15 and see if you’d win!

For more info on the Wattys, check out The 2017 Watty Awards book that’s available on the official Wattys profile – @TheWattys.

If you want to see the winners from last year, click here.

Good luck if you enter!

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