Writers Read – Flame (Frost Chronicles, Book 2) by Erin Latimer

Flame - Frost Chronicles, Book 2 by Erin Latimer

Flame – Frost Chronicles, Book 2

Author: Erin Latimer

Themes and Genres: Fantasy, Norse Mythology, magic


After fleeing a mad Queen and taking shelter with the fire jotun, Megan Walker goes from ice to inferno, as she deals with court politics, hidden enemies and a radical cult determined to make her their goddess. All of this with the ultimate battle looming on the horizon. A prophesied war that Megan may be the deciding factor in, is only weeks away. That is, if she even makes it that long.


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  • Frost – Frost Chronicles, Book 1

Want to learn more about Erin? Read the interview she gave me!



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