My Favorite Place to Buy Books (and Why I Love It so Much)

You know I love books.

I read books. I write books. I talk about books.

Yep. I love books.

I usually read on my Kindle app for two reasons: one – I’m a book reviewer so I get ARCs in the form of e-books, and two – because e-books are cheaper. If you’ve read my Books vs E-books vs Audio Books post, you’d also know I appreciate the fact I can have hundreds of books at my disposal at any given time and place, as long as I have my phone with me; you’d also know that even though there are advantages to e-books, I prefer paperbacks. And when it comes to buying paperbacks, I go to…

Book Depository

The Book Depository. It’s an online store with a huge selection of books and FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY.

What I Love about the Book Depository?

Well, I already mentioned two of the things:

  • They provide a wide selection of books (classics, modern, for kids, for adults, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi…)

Yes, again with capital letters, because this is very important to me. The reason why I had never ordered paperbacks online – even though many books I wanted were not available in my country – was because the delivery price sometimes equaled or even surpassed the price of the book I wanted. Then I found the Book Depository and now I don’t have to worry about that.


  • They have the Bargain Shop where they offer cheaper books all year round.
  • They occasionally send out discount coupons, sometimes for a certain type of books, sometimes for all books they offer. That means that you can get a let’s say 10% discount on a book that you’ve found at half price at the Bargain Shop.
  • You have a Wishlist, but you can also create other lists to sort out books you want. For example, I have a Must Get list for the books that are… well, a must-get, a Manga & Comics list, and a Presents list (books that I could buy for someone’s birthday or Christmas) to name a few.
  • They send you a cool bookmark with each book you order.

What I Don’t Like about the Book Depository?

  • The cover of the book shown may be different from the cover of the book you get. This happened to me when I ordered The Hunger Games All three covers were in the same style, but they were different from the ones shown at the Bargain Shop. I don’t know if this applies only to the Bargain Shop. Perhaps, as all other books I’ve bought came with the covers I ordered them with. Also, when special editions of a book are available (like the 20 years of Harry Potter editions linked below), then you are going to get the cover you see.
  • Sometimes the books are too expensive. Okay, I should add “for me” at the end of that statement. As I said, they offer discounts at the Bargain Shop and coupons, and if I compare the prices of non-discounted books to those in other stores, then I’d get a sometimes-a-little-higher/sometimes-a-little-cheaper/sometimes-the-same result. In short, Book Depository books are probably well-priced for most people, but with one euro equating to (a little over) two Bulgarian lev, books that are affordable to people in other countries are not so affordable to Bulgarians.

What I Like and at the Same Time (sort of) Dislike about the Book Depository

  • There’s about a two-week delivery period to my country. To be honest, that is a reasonable period, given (say it with me now) FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, but I’m horribly impatient so when I want a book, I want it right away. So no, this isn’t a flaw with the Book Depository, but I’ve read about people complaining about delivery time so I decided it was only fair to mention it.

My Advice on How to Use the Book Depository

Create an account (it’s free) and start browsing, then use these tips to make the most of it:

  1. When you like a book, type its name and author in the search bar to see if there isn’t a better offer somewhere else on the site. I’ve seen the same book, in the same format (I search for paperbacks because they are cheaper than hard covers), in the same language being sold at different prices, sometimes with a difference of quite a few pounds.
  2. If you are going to be getting a lot of books, make lists. Don’t pile up all the books you want in your Wishlist. Make a Must Buy, For My Mom/Dad/Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Romance, YA – whatever you need to sort the reads you wish to purchase one day.
  3. If you want a book that’s expensive and think it would be worth the wait, add it to one of your lists to buy later when you get a discount coupon. I don’t know how often they sent those, but I’ve been shopping from them for a year now and I’ve had at least two discount coupons sent to me.
  4. Always check out the language of the book before you buy it as the site offers books that are not in English.
  5. When in doubt, check your Order Status.

Once you register and buy a book (or two, or however many), you’ll be able to check your Order Status when you are logged in on the BD.

Accidentally deleted an email from the BD and wondering if it had to do with your order?

Log in, check your status and see if your order was sent out or if it’s still being process.

The order is late and you are worried you gave the wrong shipping address?

Log in, check your status and see if there was a typo.

Can’t remember if you actually placed the order or not?

You know the drill: log in and check.

You can also view your order history and see which books you’ve bought so if you have the luxury to buy dozens of books at a time: one – I envy you (want to send some of them my way?), and two – you can make sure you don’t order the same books twice… Unless you want to, of course.

Final Thought on the Book Depository

I’m ecstatic and a little bit scared that I came upon the BD.

Ecstatic, because I now have access to books that are not available in my country and I can have them without paying huge shipping fees; scared, because I now spend a lot more money on books that I did when I stuck to e-books.

However, a little bit scared, because… Well, I need them.

I need them for educational purposes, I need them for entertainment and a therapy from the stress in my life, and of recent (since I started my Productivity Project), I need them as motivation to write more and live a healthier life.

In short, yes, I am spending more money, but the books pay off. That’s why I suggest you check out the Book Depository, especially if (like me) you live in a small country and the stores there don’t offer the books that you’ve seen online, read about and are dying to have.

A last plus for the BD for those of you who are bloggers: they offer an affiliate program. If you take part in it, give links to books you review/recommend and someone who clicked that link buys the book, you get a small percentage of the price of the book.

What does that mean for you?

You get paid and you can use those money to buy more books. Or whatever you want really. I’d buy books.

What does that mean for your blog readers/those who use the links you provide?

Nothing money-wise. They’d pay the same price whether they click on that affiliate link or not. However, they are helping you, their (hopefully) favorite blogger to make a little bit of cash.

Am I in the affiliate program?

Yes. Although I’ve never actually posted an affiliate link before. But I’m doing so now:

Is this post somehow sponsored by the Book Depository?

They have no idea I’m writing it. I just thought that since I keep recommending you books, I might as well tell you about my favorite place to get paperbacks.

Have a great time shopping, kittens!

PS: If you don’t know where to start your shopping, I suggest:

There are other categories to explore as well; enjoy!


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