Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #83 – Beat Sheets Tip 3

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #83 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Beat Sheets Tip 3

I’ve already told you what beat sheets are and where to find them; today, I’m going to give you a tip on how to use them: write one sentence (or a few, but only if they describe the same event) as the highlight of each beat. It could be part of an internal monologue, it could end up in a dialogue between the characters, it could just be a one-sentence summary of what needs to be in that beat, but whatever it is, it must be about the central thing that will happen in that beat.

For example:

You are writing a romance story, your characters were just about to get together, but something got in the way and they parted ways. You are at the beat when one of the characters decides their love is worth fighting for.

C1 stared at the cheap fake silver bracelet C2 had won for her at the fair, caressing the delicate material as if it was the most precious thing in the world… And for her it was.

He’d given it to her… He’d won it, just because she’d thought it was pretty.

To Hell with his insecurities! C1 thought. I’m getting him back!

Pretty basic, but it shows us what pushed her not to accept them parting ways and her resolution to get her man back which is the focus of this beat.

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