The Productivity Project: How Did the First Month Go

The Productivity Project - How Did the First Month Go

In the beginning of this month, I posted The Productivity Project, a.k.a. my plan to boost my productivity, live healthier and save more money for books and geeky goodies; I also promised you to update you on how it went when we reached the end of June.

Well, here’s me, making good on my promise.

In this post, I’ll not only sum up whether this worked for me, but also what I’ve learned from this experiment, how much reward money I’ve collected and what I’ll be getting with said money.

I had high expectations of this strategy working out for others, and not so high about it working with me because I tend to get excited about new projects pretty easily, but I lose my enthusiasm just as swiftly. Now, I don’t know how this worked for others who tried this or something similar, but it was more effective for me than I thought it would.

As I said at the beginning of June, I don’t write every day and my daily word count is about 1 800 words. This month though, I wrote more often than usual and I got over 2 500 words in one day twice.

So, all in all, I’d deemed my little experiment as a success… Writing-wise. I’d also set goals for healthy eating and regular exercise that I only reached about 1/3 of the month.

The reward money I earned this month amounted to 9,67 BGN, which is roughly $5,60.

Now, for the good stuff: what I spent the money on.

You see, the money I’d already set aside for books left me a few Euros short of getting two of the books on my Must Buy list: Skulduggery Pleasant #3 – The Faceless Ones and The Maleficent Seven, both by Derek Landy. I had to order them on June 25th at the latest since that was when the coupon I got from the Book Depository expired. So, yeah, I cashed in on what I’d earned by that date in order to get my Skulduggery Pleasant dose.

Originally not having enough money in my Book Funds piggy bank was what got me to work even harder which brought me to the following conclusion: if you are emotionally attached to your goal (and yes, I am emotionally attached to the Skulduggery Pleasant series), you are more likely to reach that goal.

And I know, I told you I wanted to get something geeky – most likely a Funko POP figure – but hey, there’s always next time!

Yep. I’m keeping this up. Why wouldn’t I when it’s showing results?

My rewards system will stay the same with the addition of a time-sensitive Beta reading reward (yep, I’ve started Beta reading), and I’ll try to claim more exercise and healthy eating rewards in July.

What about you?

Did you try a rewards system to help you achieve your goals?

How did that work out for you?



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