What I Think about In Vino by Alexis Hall

In Vino - a Spires short story by Alexis Hall

In Vinoa Spires short story

Themes & Genres: Short Story, LGBT, Contemporary

WARNING: Mature Content


Whoever claimed there was veritas in vino was a rank amateur.

Note: This story is a companion for Alexis Hall’s For Real novel.

What I think of the book:

The blurb doesn’t really tell us anything so I’m going to start by briefly explaining what this very short story is about.

For Real is an LGBT BDSM novel about Laurence Dalziel who feels as if the BDSM scene has lost its appeal and can no longer provide him with what he needs. He then meets a much younger and inexperienced Toby Finch, who shows Laurence that hey, he might be wrong. At some point, Laurence introduces Toby to his friend – Dr. Jasper Leigh, who is only present for a short while. We see him drunk and in a… let’s call it “bad” mood.

In Vino is about a still intoxicated Jasper after his encounter with Laurence and Toby.

It starts off with his drunken musings over his life and existence in general and, to be honest, this beginning is the weakest part of the short story. I found it too philosophical, with little going on and lacking the sarcastic and bitter humor that drew me to him.

After a while, he’s met by one of his students and they end up in a position (actually, several positions) that a teacher and a student shouldn’t be in.

This is where the story gets good for me.

Not only did I like the sex scene, but this is where Jasper shone, showing of his pungent charm. It was what I wanted to see from him and I’m glad this part took the majority of the story.

Who I would recommend this book to? I’d recommend In Vino to those who’ve read For Real and liked Jasper. Also, to those who want to read a morally questionable sex scene between two guys.

My rating: In Vino by Alexis Hall - Wine Rating In Vino by Alexis Hall - Wine Rating In Vino by Alexis Hall - Wine Rating In Vino by Alexis Hall - Wine Rating (4 out of 5 wine glasses)

Would I re-read this book? Probably not (maybe just the sex scene).

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes.

Where can you get the book?

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