Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #93 – Avoid Accidently Stealing Other Authors’ Characters

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #93 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Avoid Accidently Stealing Other Authors' Characters

Has this ever happened to you: you sit down to write and create a new character that seems somehow familiar to you. You can’t put your finger on why that is, so you keep writing until – Voila! – you realized you copied the character (without meaning too, of course) from the book you finished two weeks ago.


Something like this has happened to you or you are afraid it will?

Luckily, there’s one easy way to avoid that.

Some time ago, I suggested you make character profiles for each character you create and even offered you free pre-made character sheets; today, I suggest you do that with other people’s characters, at least those that leave a big impression on you, which increases the possibility of you subconsciously copying them. And if you don’t want to go as far as a character sheet, then fill this in instead:

*Book Title* (*Book Series*) – *Character’s Name(s)* – *Basic Description of Their Appearance* – *3-5 Words That Best Describe Them* – *Anything Else That Stood Out*

For example:

The Woes of Jane Doe-Smith – Jane Doe-Smith – tall, slim, red hair, brown eyes – insecure, magically inept, determined to change – a witch; addicted to pumpkin spice

Anyway, once you have character sheets or at least some character notes, you can compare the characters in them to yours and change yours (for example: green eyes to brown, very serious to a little bit careless, etc.) so they are not so alike.

PS: If you are wondering what’s The Woes of Jane Doe-Smith, it’s a title and blurb I created as an example on how to fill in my ARC Sign-Up Sheet (where you can submit your book for me to review), but I liked the blurb so much that I’ve added it to my To Write folder and plan to use it for a real book one day.

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