Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #100 – Perfection

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #100 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Perfection

Some writers are very self-critical.

I know I am.

I know I can never achieve perfection, yet I always manage to find something in my work to nitpick at. If I never finish working on a novel (not just writing it, but also editing), it will be because I’ll keep thinking it’s not good enough and there’s always room for improvement. While the last part is true, at some point we have to let go. We have to say “I’m done”.

Today’s tip is as much for you as it is for me: don’t let your pursuit for perfection hinder your creative process.

Nothing is perfect. And that’s okay. Imperfections can be charming. They are a part of a person’s character so why shouldn’t they be a part of a novel’s nature?

I’m not talking about not editing your novel or not trying to improve it in the new draft. I’m just warning you not to be obsessed with every word you typed.

Good luck with your novels, writers!

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