Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books… (PART 1: HOW TO APPROACH A BLOGGER & WHAT TO DO AFTER A BLOGGER HAS AGREED TO PROMOTE YOUR WORK)

HOW TO APPROACH A BLOGGER & WHAT TO DO AFTER A BLOGGER HAS AGREED TO PROMOTE YOUR WORK (PART 1 of Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books...)

As you know, I do book promos on my blog. I don’t have a sign-up form for it or anything (perhaps I should make one?), I just tell the authors I like that it’s something I do and that if they have a new release, a cover reveal or a big sale going on, they could drop me a line and I’ll write a post about it. Since I’ve never asked an author to promote me, I can’t give you more than basic advice on how to approach a blogger; however, since I do write promo posts, I can tell you what to do after a blogger has agreed to promote your work, as well as what materials and info you could prepare beforehand and send to bloggers who agree to give your work a shout-out.

We’ll cover the first two today and leave the list of materials for next Monday.

As I’ve mentioned, I can’t give detailed advice on HOW TO APPROACH A BLOGGER, but the basics are:

  1. Do your research. Make sure they promote books and that the books they promote are in your genre.
  2. Find out how they’d preferred to be contacted about promotions: through social media, email, sign up form?
  3. See if there’s a certain time when you should contact them.

Obviously, sending them an email that goes “Hi! My book is coming out tomorrow. How about I send you some info and you write a post about it?” is a no-no. Even a bigger no-no is not even asking, just sending some stranger your book cover, blurb and buy links and expecting them to write a post about it.

I schedule my posts from the previous month, but usually, if you contact me ten or so days before the book release date, I’ll find a way to blog about it. It might not be on the release day itself as I might’ve already scheduled something for that day, but I could post on the day before or after.

However, the more time you give a blogger to prepare and schedule the post, the better.

  1. When you finally message/email them: be polite, briefly introduce yourself and your work, specify what you are contacting them for (review, book promo, cover reveal, etc.) and double-check your spelling before you send out the email/message.

Note: A lot of book bloggers blog as a hobby and (like me) don’t ask for payment to give your book a shout-out. Some might though, so check if that is the case. They might not ask for money, but for you to feature them on your own blog or give them a shout-out on social media.

TO RECAP: Pick blogs that offer promos to books in your genre and make sure you contact the bloggers as soon as possible and in their preferred fashion/place.


  1. If you are communicating through email (I prefer this option, although I occasionally use Facebook PMs), make sure you add their email address to your contact list. This will prevent their emails from ending up in your SPAM folder.
  2. Double-check the dates. This means not only that you are in agreement on which date the post should go up, but also by what date you should send the materials they’d need for the post (more on this next week).
  3. Don’t expect them to just go around digging for information on your book. Send them whatever they need. This will be a lot easier for you, if you create a detailed book info and graphics file that you could send to each blogger. Even if there’s extra info, they’ll just take whatever they need for the post (although you could tweak it a bit for each blogger’s specific needs).
  4. Double-, if not triple-check everything you send for typos.
  5. Also make sure it’s in the correct format.
  6. Ask them to get back to you after they receive the files. This will help you not to worry that your email might’ve ended up in their SPAM folder.
  7. Check your email (or wherever else you are communicating with the blogger) regularly as they might need to get in touch with you to reschedule, because a link isn’t working, because there’s contradicting info in the file you sent them, etc.

TO RECAP: Add the blogger’s email address to your contacts list and regularly check for emails from them. Double-check the dates you are supposed to send the materials by and make sure you are sending them proofread and in the correct formats.

This is it for this week. Next Monday, I’ll give you a list of materials you could prepare beforehand so you’ll have them ready for whenever you hear that “Yes, I’d love to promote your book on my blog!”.

Monday, December 25 Edit: You can read PART 2 here.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments!

PS: If you are looking for an ARC reviewer and like my review format, you can submit your ARC here. I’ll post my review on the blog, Amazon and Goodreads. For more information on what I review and what I don’t, check out this post. I’m not accepting ARCs for December 2017 and January 2018 because I already have too many submitted for those two months.

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