Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books… (PART 2: MEDIA KIT)

MEDIA KIT (PART 2 of Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books...)

Happy holidays, kittens!

Last Monday, I gave you some advice on how to contact a blogger for them to promote your work and what to do after you’ve made that contact. One of the things included sending to their email a pre-made “package” with graphics and information about you and your book. This package is called a media kit and today I’m going to tell you what to include in it.

Most of these things are pretty much a must (in black), some are recommended (dark grey) and a few are less likely to interest bloggers and their readers, but you can still include them (light grey).

There will be a few tips about the types of files you could send, but first, here’s the list of things you should prepare:

  1. Book cover/banner
  2. Book info:

title of book

title of series (if part of series)

book number in the series (if part of series)

whether the book can be read as a standalone (if part of series)

the name you want to be known as (real or penname; I know this is on the cover, but if you have an unusual name, it’s better to spell it out so the blogger could copy and paste it)

publishing house/self-published

themes (love, loss, war, etc.)


intended for age group/audience (PG, PG-13, adult warning content due to violence/profanity/sex, drug abuse, etc.)

word count

release date (important if the shout-out is about a new book coming out; otherwise you could probably skip this)

  1. Blurb
  2. Pre-order/buy links
  3. Goodreads link
  4. Teaser or a sneak peek
  5. Trailer
  6. What inspired you to write the book
  7. Announce plans about series
  8. Info about a promotion, if you are running one (discounted or free, how long is the promo running, etc.)
  9. Info about a giveaway, if you are hosting one (prizes, number of winners, when will they be chosen, who can enter (restrictions about age, open only to residents of a certain state/country), etc.)
  10. Info about a book release party, if you are having one
  11. Info about you:

author photo/banner

social media links

email/newsletter sign up

a few sentences about who you are and what you do/write

what awards you’ve won and with which books (just being nominated for an award is also something you could include; this is especially relevant, if the award/nomination went to the book that the blog post is about, but you could include it even if another of your books has won an award)

  1. Testimonials

Some of the things will only be in your media kit for a certain amount of time (date of release party, giveaway/promotion info), but the rest is something you could fill in and send whenever someone shows interest in your books.

When an author whose work I enjoy does a promo and I decide to give it a shout-out, I’d usually ask them to send me the book cover/promo banner, book title, the series title and book number, themes or at least genres, whether the book is for a mature audience, blurb, buy links, maybe a Goodreads link and how long the promotion/sale will last. If the author wants, I could also post a teaser and/or a trailer, and a brief author bio, along with the links to the author’s social media. I always encourage the last of those (social media links) because when a reader likes your work, they’d often want to connect with you and this is a good way to build a relationship with them and get them to buy more of your books and maybe even promote them on their own social media or blog.


Text information (title of the book, title of series, blurb, etc.):

Ask the blogger(s) if they’d prefer it as part of the body of the email or an attached file. Also ask about the type of file they prefer working with.

Links (buy links, Goodreads links, social media links):

Ask the blogger(s) if they should be posted as hyperlinked words (for example: “Check out my blog – CatMint5’s World) or separately (“Check out my blog – CatMint5’s World“)

Images (book cover, coming out/promo banner, author photo/banner):

Ask the bloggers what types and sizes of images they prefer to work with. Also, whether the images should be included in the body of the email/attached file along with the text info or if they should be attached files themselves.

Video and audio (teasers, trailers, “meet the author”, etc):

These are even more difficult to edit and convert so make sure that you ask the blogger(s) what type and size of files they could use on their blogs.

Set a couple of days aside to create your media kit and it will save you a lot of stress later on.

PS: If you know of any good online examples of media kits, feel free to share the link to them in the comments.

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