Blog Plans for 2018 (What’s In and What’s Out)

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Hey, kittens!

It’s the beginning of a new year and you are going to be seeing some changes around my blog. What kind of changes?

Well… This post is here to answer that question. I’ll tell you what I’m adding, removing and changing around CatMint5’s World and when you can expect new content.

Speaking of CatMint5’s World: I’ve changed the name of the blog to Dilyana’s World. Don’t worry, the URL stays the same and if you’re following me, you still will be. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you don’t go “Wait… When did I subscribe to this again?”

What else is changing is the days I will be posting on. Throughout most of last year it was Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (the first Sunday of each month will be my to review list, of course), and occasionally a post would go up on another day; this year it will be Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (and occasionally on another day), with a post going up each Sunday and most Wednesday and Fridays. I’m going for two-three blog posts per week so you’ll get one on Sunday and at least one more on either Wednesday or Friday, sometimes on both of those days.

What I’m no longer doing on my blog are the Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips. No, I’m not removing the posts themselves; I’m just ending the series. I’ll still be giving writing advice, just not as part of that series. You can see a list of all tiny tips in this post, where they are sorted by categories.

What I will keep doing is accepting ARCs for review (read what I review or submit your ARC), posting book reviews, interviews, teasers and sneak peeks, about book promos and free books (yes, there will be Freebie Friday posts), about interesting writing- and book-related events, about giveaways and contests, and – of course! – writing advice. This last one will change a bit, not only because there will be no more Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips, but also because so far most of my posts were about writing and editing a book, and while I’ll still be giving tips on that, I want to share with you more on publishing and marketing, as well as blogging. Which brings us to…

What’s new.

I’ve already added a Blogging category to the menu. As the title suggests, I will be posting blogging tips in that category. Some are going to be by me and some by other writers.

Another category I’m adding as soon as I have the first post for it is Fandom Stuff. In it I will be posting crafts and recipes inspired by books, movies, anime, manga – basically, everything that makes me switch to fangirl mode. The recipes might be featured in the book/movie or maybe I’ll just try to cook a meal that was mentioned in that book/shown in the movie; either way you’ll get the recipe and pictures of the end result. Warning: it probably won’t be pretty. The crafts will sometimes be me saying “Hey, look what I’ve made and what inspired it” (pictures included), and sometimes a tutorial on how to make said bracelet, pendant, ornament, card – whatever I’d made.

Other changes I might do:

  • Change the blog layout. Nothing major, just make it easier for you to navigate the blog.
  • I’m thinking of adding a sign up form for book promos and/or cover reveals. I’m not sure about it though. On one hand, if people fill out the book promo form, I might find out about a really interesting book that will be free for a week and share that info with you; on the other hand, I don’t give a shout-out to just any book that’s discounted, so I’ll probably have to turn some (maybe even a lot of) people down. I’ve already told some of my favorite authors to drop me a line whenever they have a book promo going on and need a little bit of extra publicity about the sale; after all, I love their work, so why not give it a shout-out? I might stick to just that, no promo sign up forms. As for the book cover reveals: the same thing worries me. I’d love to feature a beautiful cover on my blog, but I’ll probably have to turn some people down because I didn’t like the cover or it doesn’t fit in with the books I post about, or simply because my schedule is too full to make a post on the day they want me to.

Anyway, that’s about it on what’s entirely new, what I’m changing up a bit and what I will no longer be doing. If you have any questions, suggestions or what like me to cover a certain topic on the blog, leave a comment or PM me on social media.

And before we part for today: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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