Fandom Stuff (New Category Announcement)

Fandom Stuff (New Category Announcement)

At the beginning of this month, I posted Blog Plans for 2018 (What’s In and What’s Out), announcing what I’ll be changing around this blog. One of those things was adding a new category – Fandom Stuff, and today I’d like to tell you what you can expect to see in it.

But first, let’s start with why I am creating it.

Some of you might already know this, but I happen to  suffer from anxiety. It’s not as bad as not being able to bring myself to get out of my house or me completely shutting down, but it’s still pretty unpleasant. One thing that helps with it is music. Another is interesting books. Yet another is crafts.

I do not claim to be an expert crafter. As a matter of fact, I’ve tried different ones – origami, knitting, and crocheting amongst others – and I’m at beginner level at each of them. I am, nevertheless, creating things. Lately, it’s been mostly friendship bracelets. I’m also trying to become better (read “decent” here) at cooking.

What does this have to do with the blog and the new category?

Well, I’ve decided to combine two of my outlets – reading and crafting/cooking – and share the results with you.

In Fandom Stuff I’ll be posting pictures of crafts I’ve made that have something to do with a favorite book of mine. Or a movie. Or an anime, or a manga.

It could be something described in the book (for example, recreating the pendant of the main character) or something inspired by it (for example, my current project: a friendship bracelet that has the title of a book I love on it and is in the colors of that book’s cover). Sometimes I’ll just show you what I’ve crafted and give you some information about the book/movie/anime, etc., but sometimes I’ll also be posting how I’ve crafted it so you could do the same.

I’ll also be posting recipes to meals mentioned in books and movies. If the recipe for the meal is not available in the book, then I’ll look it up online.

And, of course, I will post pictures of the final product, be it a cake, some sort of a snack, a bracelet, a pendant or whatever.

How does that sound?

I hope you’ll like this category. I’ll try to post in it every month, but due to being sent a huge number of ARCs for this January and having to read so many books so I could post my reviews, I’m only half done with my first craft for Fandom Stuff so you’ll see the finished bracelet in February instead.

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