The February 2018 Wattpad Block Party is Now Live! (And Where to Sign Up to be Featured in the Next One)

Yeah, yeah, I know: two announcements in that many days. Maybe I should start a category just for them?

Anyway, today’s announcement doesn’t have to do with my blog. It has to do with an online event, and more specifically, a Wattpad online event.

Wattpad Block Party Announcement

The Wattpad Block Party is hosted twice a year on the Wattpad profile of USA Today bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount and comprises of posts by a variety of Wattpad authors, some published, others not. The posts include anything from writing tips to “My experience with” type of posts to exclusive sneak peeks and one-shots. My own post is coming out on Saturday, February 24 and is separated in two parts: Part 1 is tips and Part 2 is a sneak peek from a work-in-progress that I haven’t posted anywhere online, although I’ve uploaded teasers from it on my Patreon account.

Apart from the posts, a lot of the authors (myself included) are hosting giveaways.

The posts will gradually be uploaded here over the course of February. That’s right: you’ll get several new posts every day this month. You can also click on that last link to find out more about the giveaways; good luck if you enter them!

Also, don’t be shy to leave comments on the posts; that’s what the party is about: to have fun and make some new friends!

PS: If you’d like to sign up to be featured in the next Wattpad Block Party, you can do so here. The deadline is Monday, April 30.

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