Recent Release Shout-Out: Prey by Wendy Rathbone

Prey by Wendy Rathbone

Release date: January 01, 2018

Author: Wendy Rathbone

Themes & Genres: LGBT, Sci-Fi, Gay Romance

WARNING: Mature Content

Why am I giving this book a shout-out?

Okay, so this book is about a month old; some of you might argue that it’s not a “recent” release. Even so, I decided to give it a shout-out (obviously). Why?

Because I really enjoyed Wendy’s Ganymede: Abducted by the Gods (read my review here) and so I have high hopes (and expectations) for Prey. Plus, the blurb sounds interesting.


When the rescued slaves were first brought on board my ship, I saw only the one. The one they called Arcana. And though I realized the others had all suffered similar fates – fearsome torture and erotic conditioning that had estranged them from whoever they had once been – I focused on the one who met my eyes with what could only be interpreted as a defiantly seductive lure, while the others held their gazes downward, at their feet, at the floor, at the past which had shaped them and undoubtedly doomed them to any sort of normal life.

Not so with Arcana. That one had no shame in whatever had happened to him. In that one blinding moment when we saw one another for the first time, I knew he was as brash as he was beautiful, and I knew without any doubt that he had chosen me – though for what dark agenda, I could not have said.

My heart went cold and silent in my chest. My throat was dry. My breathing faltered and I was forever changed.

Where can you buy this book:

  • (link takes you straight to the book)

Add Prey to your Goodreads reading list (link takes you straight to the book)

Click here to read the interview Wendy gave me in January.

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