What is The Basic Marketing Bundle by Pagan Malcolm

Usually, when I give a shout-out on my blog, it’s to a book (or occasionally a bookish event), but today it will be to something a bit different. For starters, it’s not a book; it’s also not Fiction, which is usually what I advertise here. It’s a bundle of spreadsheets, designed to help you market your own Fiction or Non-Fiction book.

The Basic Marketing Bundle by Pagan Malcolm

The Basic Marketing Bundle is a collection of sixteen spreadsheets (I’ll list them below) which their creator – Pagan, has sorted into four categories: Book Review (designed to help you get reviews on your book), Launch Day (to help with your book launch), Mailing List (really important to connect to readers) and Promo Plan (obviously, spreadsheets on how to promote your book). Being a huge fan of spreadsheets, I started filling them in on the day I got them and since I found them useful, I decided to give them a shout-out here so those of you who are writers could check them out.

I can’t remember exactly when or where I met Pagan – she’s an author so I’m pretty sure it was either in a bookish Facebook group or during a bookish Twitter chat – but right now I’m a member of two Facebook groups that she’s created: Paperback Kingdom (for readers to chat about books) and Happily Ever Author (for authors to chat and share tips). Anyway, it was in Happily Ever Author that I found out about the bundle and since I’ve used other sheets that Pagan had previously created, I was keen on getting these.

And now, here’s what they contain.

Book Review:

  • Similar Books
  • Blogger Network Tracker
  • Book Review Pitch Outline
  • Book Review Request Tracker

Launch Day:

  • Target Reader Crafter
  • Launch Day Publicity Planner
  • Book Launch Promotion Checklist
  • Effective Sales Copy & Pitch Planner

Mailing List:

  • Mailing List Sequence Crafter
  • Mailing List Opt-In Creator
  • Mailing List Promotion Checklist
  • Mailing List Growth Goals

Promo Plan:

  • Monthly Promotion Planner
  • Monthly Promotion Schedule (Yes, the two are different. The first is a basic goal (for example, “July – Send out ARCs), and the second is a calendar to include daily tasks for the month (for example, “Friday, March 09 – Blog Post: Basic Marketing Bundle Shout-Out”).)
  • Author Biz Goal Setting
  • Engagement Content Planner

The titles might seem complicated, but the sheets are pretty easy to fill in. You can find the bundle on Etsy (link takes you straight to it) where you can even see a few of the sheets.


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