What I Think about One Night by A.M. Salinger

One Night - Night Series, Book 1 by A.M. Salinger

One NightNight Series, Book 1

Themes & Genres: LGBT, Contemporary Fiction

WARNING: Mature Content


One night was all I asked for. For him to show me how good it can be. – Gabe

One night was all I promised. To give him the best time of his life. – Cam

Gabe Anderson wants nothing more than to overcome the scars of his past. Moving to a new city halfway across the world is one thing. Walking into the most exclusive gay bar in town to hook up with a perfect stranger is a whole new ball game.

Cam Sorvino doesn’t do relationships. Period. Having buried his dark childhood behind him, he lives life to the fullest and likes his sex hot, dirty, and for one night only. Though Cam’s instincts tell him that Gabe isn’t the one-night kind of guy, he can’t stop himself from approaching him. When Cam discovers the true extent of Gabe’s harrowing secrets, he makes him an offer he cannot refuse: one night of mindless pleasure to help him overcome his phobia of intimacy.

But when morning comes, will Cam be able to let go of the one man who is able to stir new feelings inside his cold, dead heart?

What I think of the book:

One Night is the first book in the Night Series by A.M. Salinger, but could be read as a standalone. We barely see anyone but the two main characters although we are also introduced to Ethan and Joe – the leads in Book 2 The Escort. One Night is a short and quick read, something you can easily finish within a day.

When I read the blurb I thought there would be a lot more angst on Gabe’s part and more doubt on Cam’s part about him wanting to see Gabe again. Instead, I got a book with instant lust on both sides and lots and lots of bedroom acrobatics, told in great detail. I think that about two thirds of the book narrate the night they spent together.

Again, not what I expected, but not a bad thing. It gave me a break from the books that I’ve been reading lately, a lot of which include huge emotional ups and downs. If the author had just stuck to the sex, I’d be okay with this, however they decided to include a very traumatic event in Gabe’s past, but failed to deliver on its gravity. It also bothered me that Gabe went from confessing to Cam about being sexually assaulted to being highly aroused by Cam and wanting to have sex with him in less than five minutes.

As for Cam: at first there was rage towards the people who’d assaulted Gabe – a natural reaction, I’d say – but a few minutes later he’s aroused and wants to have sex with Gabe. There were a couple of saving graces here: one – Cam wanted to help Gabe get over the trauma by showing him what sex could and should be like, and two – he was very gentle with Gabe. These two things made me think that a sex scene could take place in that moment, but I was still bothered that Gabe’s story and Cam’s reaction to it took about two Kindle pages before a romp in the bed.

This was my only major issue with the book. There was another minor issue, but this is fiction and the type of fiction that is meant to arouse you instead of have you cry along with the characters so I suppose most people would overlook it. However… The number of orgasms the guys – and especially Gabe – had in a single night. I’m not sure it’s humanly possible. Let’s just say that after eight climaxes in an hour and a half, maybe two, I’m pretty sure Gabe would’ve been too exhausted to go on and have another half a dozen or so.

Anyway. If you are looking for some action between the sheets and don’t go into the book having my expectations of each of the guys thinking about their problems in depth and working on them together, then I think you might enjoy this.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend One Night to people who are looking for a short, sexy read.

My rating: One Night - Night Series by A.M. Salinger - Drink Rating 1 One Night - Night Series by A.M. Salinger - Drink Rating 1 One Night - Night Series by A.M. Salinger - Drink Rating 1 One Night - Night Series by A.M. Salinger - Drink Rating 0.5 (3.5 out of 5 drinks)

Am I interested in other books by this author? I’ll be reviewing Book 2 – The Escort next week on Saturday, April 07.

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